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ALWAYS TZEÏIE CHEAPEST! OOMMENCINÖ FR1DAY MORNING, MAY 9th, WE MAKE THE FOLLOWING LOW PRICES! One Case New Challies at 4èc. One Case Challie Beiges at 4èc. One Case Shirting Prints at 4c. Two Bales yard-wide 7c Sheeting at 5c per yard. Big lot 25c and 35c Wool Dreea Goods cut to 19c a yard. 25 Pieces All-Linen Crash, so oalled, 8c quality, for 4c a yard. One Case 7c Bleached Cotton for 5o a yard. 50 Pieces 8c Check Ginghams for 5c a yard. One Case "Soudan" Suitingj, 12io quality, for 8c. 23-inch Black Gros Grain Silks, worth $1.00, for 75c. 24-inch Elegant Black Gros Grain Silks, $1.50 quality, for $1.00. 22-inch Black Faille Silks, worth $1.00, for 75c. 22-inch Black Surah Silks, worth 75c, for 55c. 24-inch Black Surah Silks, Doublé Warp, worth $1.00, for 75c. We are Sole Agents in Ann Arbor for Haskell's Guaranteed Black Silks, the Best Wearing Silks made. Fifteen Dozen Boys and Girls Faat Black Ribbed Hose, worth 15c, all at 9c. a pair. Big Sale Silk Gros-Grain Ribbons at 5c. a yard. No. 9 and 12 All Silk Ribbons at ' 10c. a yard. Black Lace Drapery Nets 35c, 50c. and $1.00. On Saturday we place on sale 100 Gold and Silver Handle, socalled, $1.25 Fast Black Umbrellas, for 75c. Twenty-five Dozen so-called 75c, Corsets, for 39 cents. One Case Summer Corsets, so-called 75c quality, for 39c Big Lot Beadcd Shoulder Capes at $1.00, $1.25, $2.00, and $3.00. Banjains in Stockinet Jackets at $2.00. $2.50, and $3.00. i Two caees Ladies Ribbed Vests four for 25 cents. One case Men 's Summer Shirts and Drawers, worth $1.00 a suit for 50c or 25c. a garment. 50 dozen Children's Summer Vests at 10c each. lways the Cheapest ! SGHAIRER & WILLEN,


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