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sixth coogre8sional district, has written to his coQ8tituents atating that he will not be a candidate for reelection this f all. ThiB will leave a vacancy for whlch it will be hard to fiud a more acceptable man. Now that the state fair has been permanently located at Lansing, stepí are to be taken towards making the grounds and buildings such as they should be to represent the great state of Michigan : The grounds are to be laid out in beautitul drives, and among the other improvements a $50,000 exposition buil ling 8 contemplated, for which plans hve already been adopted. The managers will go before the next legislatura and ask that sn appropriation of $50,000 be made to assist in this work. ___________ Adbiam Times: Wheat ia -considared to be in a strong statistical positlon all over the world. Stocks arelight everywhere, and erop conditions in all tbe large produeing countries are such that it cannot be expected that the aggregate production of the year will be an average erop. The possibility of an advance in the price of silver, and its importance asa regulator of values, has not as yet attracted much attention, but if the contemplateil leeislaüon regarding eilver is carried through, prices ou wheat will be much enhanced, and a higher range of values will be established. _________ The thicken business is qn?er There is hardly one man in a thousand that can raako a living out of it; and that man wouldn't if it wasn't for his wife's help. But it is quite a business after all, governmental statistics show♦ing that the annual expenditures in that line foot up to $560,000,000, with eeveral million dollars' worth to be imported from other countries. Almost every one has a spell of the chicken fever some time in bis career. The idea that a fellow cannot get at least one thousand dollars a year for liis share of that, vast sum seems very abpurd until he bas tried it; and then he is 'he most satisfied fellow in the wor il that the ;hen business is a delusion and a snare. Ta ta, Donkie! Don M. Dickinson, of Detroit, ; Michigan, late postmaster general in the late President Cleveland's cabinet, for political effect, and in a sort of courage manner, to relieve the despondent spirits of himself and his democratie brethren, sent a dispateh to Congressman Bynum, of Indiana, to the effect that the next House will expunge the censure passed uponhim May 17tb, and that he would be there to see it done. íf the democratie papers giving Don's prophetical assertions regarding political affairs in Michigan at the last general election were handed to Mr. Bynnm at the same time be received his dispatch, he would not be able to find much consolation in this ridiculous Dickinsonism. The craze now is to see who can get around the world in the shortest time.. Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg; started the sport with lus 80-day trip around the world, whicfa was thought at the time to be almost impossible. Nellie Bly, of the New York World, made the trip, and herself famous, in seventy-flvedays; but the irrepressible Geo. Francia Train, went tlirough Michigan last week Tuesday, in his private car, having started at Taeoma sixty-two days before. He would be able to reach Taeoma in about two and a quarter days more, beating all previous records about ten days. He expected to make the trip in sixty days. We will venture the prediction that in less than ten years the globe encircling record, will be reduced to forty day?. This conteet will afford exciting sport for rich men's sons for several years to come. The vote of the Presbyterian presbyteries resulted in showing 131 to 69 in favor of a revisión of their confession of faith. The 'General Assembly now in session at Saratoga have agreed to select a committee consiBting of one from each of the twenty-nine syncda to nomínate a committee on revisión consisting of 15 ministers and 12 elders to report at the 1891 meeting of the general assembly. This committee i to be instructed to propose no amend ments for alterations that will in any way impair the integrity of the re formed or Calvinistic system of doe trine taoght in the confession of faith The trouble with the present creed i more in the blind way it has of stating wbat the church believes, than in stating what the church does not be live. A thorough analysis and plain statement of the case by those who un derstand the true meaning and inten of the good men who wrote the Westminster confession ,would not convict very many Presbyterians of believing he horrible doctrines men of the Bob ngersol stripe charge them with. The free trader says: The people of he United States consume G00,000,000 pounds of wool. The producers or growrsgrow 800,000,000 pounds. Thequestion s simply this, who shall manufacture his 300,000,000 pounds of wool ? Shall he American milis be prohibited from purchasing the deficiency at a fair price or shall we tax wool so high that it cannot be bought by the American manuacturer, so that he can sell the manuactured article at a fair price to the onsumer? The protectionist says: I want to see the farmers of this country upply the woolen milis with all that they equire ; and by the adequate irotection of woolen goodsl desire to see the milis upply the sixty millions of people with all the clothing they need. Now, Mr. Farmer, how are you going to settle the matter so as to satisfy both classes- the manufacturers and farmers - other than y the republican scheme of tariff ? Do vou want the manufacturer to buy his wool in other countries where the cheapness of labor and other causes enable the people to grow wool at a price you cannot compete with? Then, too, by fasering our home manufacturers we shall [raw enough people from the farms to onsume the 20 per cent. of the wheat ïow exported, and at abetter price than when in competition with the poorly aid laborers of foreign countries. ivery farmer, at least, should petition ïis representative in congress to support the bill that looks after his best nteresls. That seems plain enough.


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