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The Michigan Confeotioners' Association was organized at Lansing the other night Nearly all the important coniectionery houses in the State were represented. The following officers were eleoted: John D. (iray, of Detroit, President; John Simons, of East Sagina w, Vice-Prasidcnt; C. D. Brooks, of Grand Rapids, Treasurer; R. Peck, of Bay City, Secretary; and D. D. Thorp, of Detroit, W. H. Marple, of Lansing, B. W. Putnam, of Grand Rapids, M. F. fotrell, of Jackson, and W. S. Mclntosh, of Kalamazoo, exocutivo i tee. The object of the association is to stablish and maintain uniform prices íor Michigan manufacturers and prevent ruinous competition from ouiside. ■ He iltli in Michigan. Keports to the State Board of Health ty fifty-six observers in different parte of the State for the weekended on the 17th indicated that corebro-spinal meningitis, scarlet fever and inflammation of kidneys increased, and membranous croup, typhoid fever, remittent fever, pleuritis, diarrhea, and inflammation of the brain, fever, diphtheria and influenza decreased in area of prevalence. Diphtheria was reported at twenty-flve places, scarlet fever at twenty-one, typhoid fever at fourteen and measles at forty-two places. i.-h.'m l a Gold Mine. Henry Varcoe, employed as a "sorter" in the Michigan gold mino near bshpoming, quit work the other day and started for England. His trunks were opened on a search warrant and a quart bottle filled with fine gold and several hundred pounds very rich rock were found, estimated to be worth $5,000. Varcoe said there were other thieves. _ Will of Bishop Korsresg. The will of the late Bishop Borgess, of Detroit, valued at 550,000, has been filed for probate. It Aakes bequests of from 85 to &5,000 to relativos, gives $1,000 for masses for the repose of the soul of the deceased, $1,000 for a monument, and the balance of the estáte is divided between charitable Catholic institutions of Detroit and the male orphan asylum at Monroe. _ A I'osaible Murder. The body of a well-dressed man was found in the flume of Ward's mili at Battle Creek recently, but so badly decomposed recognition was impossible. Foul play was suspected, as a frightful wound was found in tho throat just above the collar bone. The strangor wore a heavy overcoat. Nothing was íound on hia person to identify him. Diappear 'd Owing SI OO.OOO. C. H. S;nith,a prominent Detroit business man, a former partner ot Mayor Pingrep and president oí the Western knitting works, mysteriously disappeared recently. His affairs wero badly involvtnl. Ho uad borrowed of every body. His total liabilities were placed at f 100,000. Kt Miners Killed. Five miners, named Miehael Beacher, Mat. Scholar,.Toseph Uenesirea, Austrans Dominio and Ginglia. Italians, ware killed by hanging rocks falling on them in Na 11 shaft, South Hecla branch of the Calumet and Hecla mine at Calumet the other day. Short but Ncvrsr Itenu. Livingston County has thirty-four lodges of the Patrons of Industry. The survey for an electric road between Negaanoe and lshpeming is being made. The littlo village of Hoytville, Eaton County. was wiped out the other night by & fire that originated in West's store. W. L. Nowman, Western Union operator at Ironwood, disappeared recently, and an investigation of his accounts showed that he was 800 short. A sanitary convention, under the auBpices of the State Board of Health, will be held at Battle Creek on Wednesday and Thursday. June 25 and 26. Dun Mine, Iron County, and Temple, Clare County, are new post-offlces. The large factory of the Oriel Cabinet Company and a number of adjacent houses at Grand Rapids were burned by au incendiary the other night. Loss, $125,000: insuraifte, 875,000. Hon. Josephns Smith, one of tho besfrknown men in Oakland County, died at Eochester the other mom ing. He was 68 years old, and for fifteen suocossive years had served as supervisor. C. S. Randall, of Coldwater, has been appointed by the Government as a delégate to the international prison conirress wnich convenes at St. Petersburg, Russia, in June. Richard Albrecht lost four flngers in an accident whileemployedat the Michigan car works at Detroit, about two months ago, and now sues the company lor $20,000 diimages. The contractors say the Port Huron tunnel will bo Hnishod January 1, '91. The 5-year-old daughterof Fred Bergman, of Jaokson, was burned to death the other day. She was playing about a bonflre and her clothing caught on fire. The Lanslng Wheel Company, o( Lansing, h:is solil i t-i business to the American Wheel Company, of Chicago. The Lansing company still own the works. Jay A. llubbell, of Houghton, has been appointed a member of the board of control of the Michigan Mining School by (iovernor Luce. The littlo daughter of Henry Warnlck, of Muskegon, was run over by an eleotric street-railway car recently and killed. Daniel Keieher, taken to a hospital in Jackson for he reason that he had no friends or money, died the other day of pneumonía In his coat was found nearly a thousand dollars in cash and a $500 certifícate of deposit.


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