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Real Estate Transfers

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GeorgeSIrtz to Wm. Guenther, Saline $ 1 J. B. Wortley to A. D. WiUinson, Ypsilanti 1,000 J. N. Wallace to Judson W. De Cew, Ypsilauti 1 John C. Schmid to F. Schnelder, Ann Arbor 150 M. G. Hobbs to Alfred Davenport, Milan... 808 Lücy Boos to C. Boos, et al, Sylran 800 Michael Herey to Henry M. Tabor, Northfleld 1,500 Chas.Trlpp. by helrs, to Ann M. Finckam, Ann Arhor 1,000 Edward Elüs to Chas. H. FIsk, Ypsilantl... 180 Jese Lane to Margaret Ann Lane. Deitér 500 F. E. Fasquelle, et a], to David Zimmermann. Ann Arbor 8,500 L, F. Hennequin, by guardián, to F. E. Fasquelle, Ann Arbor 1,800 John Kowe to Margaret Leaeh, Chelsea .. . 325 Lydia Harns n Olivia E. Wilson, Ypsilanti 100 Jas. N. Wallace to M. E. Kilpatrick, Ypsilanti „ 200 Chas. King to Henry Clvert, Ypeilantl.... 500 E. T. Douglas to G W, I'atterson, Ann Arbor 4,500 O. W. and F. Wilklnson to Geo. F. Ward, Chelsea 413 Jno. Clancy, et al, o Mary Ann ïobey. Ann Arlior 400 James Purker to W. J. i'arker, Ann Arbor town 2,200 Catherine Courtney lo Félix Cnurtney, Webster '. 1