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The new Eclectic forOctobei has a vaned and entertaining body of contents. Roben Griliin, the English economist, eriticisestha American treatment of the silver question in the opening paper in a suggestive way. Dr. R. Spence Watson con tributes a very fine article on Tho Organization of Untkilled Labor. Col. Knollys, of theEnglisharmy.prophesies a to War in the Future. Professor A. R. Wallace, one of the ablest of Darwin's follower8, applies the doctrine of the survival of the fittest to Human Selection, with much sagacity. The great Oriëntalist, Professor A. H. Sayce, tells us about recent Excavations in Judaea. There are many other contribuí ions of interest to suit a variety of tastes among readers. Published by E. R. Pelton, 25 Uond-st, New York. Terms, $5 per year. The October Cenlury contains the last installment of the Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson, an installment which the author considera the most important of all, perhaps because it contains, at considerable detail, his own final reflections upon the art of acting. Mrs. Amelia Gere Mason also closes her first series of articles on The Women of the French Salons. A son of the great Darwin contributee a paper of high and original valué, on Meteorites and the History of Stellar Systems. In the editorial department are several articles bearing on the fall elections- in the direction of reform and wholesome independence. The Century Co., New York. Scribnefe Magazine for October contains articles of life and adventure in unusual places and circumstances, as on a cable sbip, in the Maine lake región, and on board the "White Squadron" in port; others abont interesting natural phenomena, like Professor Shaler's secotid paper, and the description of destructive sandwaves; articles of great practical value, like Mrs.SylvanusIieed's paper on private schools for girls, and John W. Koot's on Western city architecture : good flciion and poetry, and many rich illustrations. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. Mrs. Croly (Jenny June) has become the solé editor of The Home Maker, which has purchased and absorbed the Wotnan's Cycle, and will hereafter have a "Cycle" Department, rendering it an ideal magazine for women and the home. lts leading feature is an article by Mrs. U. S. Grant (the flrst she has ever written for publicatio..) on the early niarried life of General Grant. The October Ladiea' Home Journal conlains an article by Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant, who has been induced to make public some of the incidents of her courtship with General Grant. With October also, Mrs. Margaret Bottome, president of the "King's Daughters," takes charge of a new departmentdevoted to theinterests of this society. Ladiea' Home Journal, Philadelphia, Pa. In the Atlantic for October, Dr. Holmes writes, in " Over the Teacups," of Marriage and of a visit to a celebrated college for women, near Boston. There is a striking paperdevoted to aconsideration of Henrich Ibsen's life abroad and his later dramas. Other live and interesting articles complete the list. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston.


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