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- See for yourself how Blankets wear and other makes tear. FREE-Get from your dealer free, the Sé. Book. It has handsome picturea and valuable information about horses. Two or three dollars for a sk Horse Blanket will make your horse worth mor and eat less to keep warm. 5A Five Mile . . . 5A Boss Stable Ask for 5A Electric 5A Extra Test 30 other styles at prices to snit everybody. If you can't get them from your dealer, write us. #ORSt BLANKETS ARE THE STRONGEST. NONE GENUINE WITHOUTTHE 5A LABEL Manuf'd by Wm. Atkes & Sons. I'hllada., win; make the famous Horse Brand Baker Blanketa v jiiiN.'V HK (Hj THE "COLCHESTER" RUBBER Cd. mke all thelr shoes wlth Iralde of hwl Uned wfth ïïbSS-fCS,1 lhoe ad prevents Cali for the "Colchester" "AOHESIVE COUNTERS." FOR SALE. BV Win. Allaby, John Bnry, Doty & Felner, L. Grnner, W. Keinhardt A Co., A. 1. Heyler A Son. A.VS Alt HOK. THE FIGURE "9." The figuro 9 in our dates will mak" a long staf. No man or woman now living wil] over date a jocuraent without using the figure 9. It stand n the third placo in 1890, where it will remain tet years and then move up to second place in 1900 where it will rest for ono hundred years. Therc is another "9" whleh has alsocomo to stay It is unlike the figuro 9 in our dates in the résped that It has already moved up to flrst place, when It will pcrnuim-ntly remain. It is called tho "No 9" High Arm Wbeëkl t Witoon Sewinjj Machine The "No. 9" was endorsed for first place by thf exporte of Euroie at tlie Paria Expoeition of 1889 where, after a severecontest wiih tlie leading ma chinea of the world, it was awarded the onl; Grand Prize given to Family sewiug machines, ai others on exhibit having received lower awardt of gold medals, etc The French Government also recognized its supcriority by thedecoration o( Mr. Nathankl Whecler, Prpsidentof tho company, with tho Cross of the Legión of Honor. The "No. 9" is not on old machine improved upon, but is an entirt'ly n;w machine, and the Grand Prize at Paris was awarded it as the grand" cstadvance in nwlog machiue mechanism of tho age. Those who buy it can rest assured, there. fore, oí having the very latest and best. WHEELER & WILSON JTFO 00., 185 and 187 Wabash Ave., Chicago Sold by M. STABLER, 11 W. WnNlilnetnn-Nt. SrVEN SEVMTCIN SEVENTY To care Biliousnese, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, tako the safe and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Tae ttae SM4LL Sise (40 littlc Beans to tho bottle). TiiEir ars the most convenient. SniMbl ill ASf. Prlce of clther le, 85c. per Bottle. klSSING;i717-70--" ■ ■ W P 1 1 ■ M Miled for ( clt. (eoppera or iump.1. I.F.SMITHACO.MUcnoi ST.IOOIS MO. Shoul carry some Life Insurance and AST OPTIO9T POUCT, as nowissued bythe National Life Ins. Co„ OF VERXOST. Provides for any emergency thjt canaria, can be paid for in flve, ten, or twenty yean, ana contains the followlng guarantees: bBrti&iStopScïSut. 7 need moneyln Nectf pifft jliVeity McC„rdy c leBEAIJ) SpecJaI AjreBt 1 Hnmlltou BIock. fANN AEBOR. MICH. Insurance, Seal Tstate and Loan Aescj OF HAMILTON & GREEN. OFFICES : No. 1 & 2 Hamilton Bl'k, FIRST FLOOR. msmmm Ihe Oblo Farmer' ,„„. lo' (i8I1Periic Bprinan Flre Jiis. Co., ' reople' Fire Ins. ' s: sanesnu ,. ITO' UberaUy 1ÍJU8ted Ml Pa rravelert Conpon Insurance Tlcketi tam at Hamlllon A Gren. yüU 1 lUli warrnnted, mul ever? pair lm hlH 1111 mul price stamped on buttutm. CA Sfe I $ 7C W. L. DOUCLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf and i.ncvd Waterproof Gratín The excellence and wearlug qualttles of thls shoe cannot be better shown taan by the strong endorse nieiits or lts thousands of constant weorem SfiOO Genuine Iland-sewed, an elegant and 9 stvllsh dress Shoe whlch córamenos ttoelf. $.00 Iland-newed Welt. A ílne cU Bhoo T unequalled for style and durabllltr. $9.50 Goodyear Welt Is the etazuianl dnsi +9 Shoe, at a popular prlce. SO. 50 Policemnn's fshoe in esppclaUy adapted w for rallroad men, farmers, etc. AU made la Congress, Button and Laoo. $3&$2SHÖÉSlafd,Is, hare been most favorably receired slnee Introducta and the recent improvementa m&ke tbem operlor to any shoes sold at these prices. Ask your Dealer, and If he cannot aupply roa Mnd direct to factorv encloslug adrertlea pnoe. or m poftal for order blanks. W. L. DOUGLAS, Broek toa, Blus. Examine W. I Donólas 82.00 Sboe for Gentlemen and leadles. WM. REI1THAEDT& CO., 49 H. MAIN STKKF.T, Ann ArMr. FOR MEN OJNLY! tfjfaTfnWJBFor LOST or FAHINQ KANHOOD; Ml llfHln I and NERV0D8 DEBIUTY ■ MINI 1 1 (l II 1 eikne8B of Body and Itind, Effect JEHjH IHlof ZrroraorEoegain Oidor Younr Rol.n.(, (oble SUMIonn follj llmtorrd. How loV S.ï;1,'7 't0".60 sir"' "" '"" ss. Hm. thïï: LaiEV.iw-ic'L-cop.rÜFFii:o!rii.fy. WANTBD. il LOCAL OR' TRAVELING. 11 to ell our Nnrsery Stock. Salary, Expeneea Steady Employment gnaranteed. CHASE BHOTIIIIM COHPANT. I tilo rATtn1,"" -"■" wr aj, J . - J-" . ,!f f" Agency of Mum N . W. A YKR SOM. our auUioriied aeatft


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