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Iío:tr4 or Supervisors. The report of the poor superintendents was received on Friday last. During the past year, the receipts from cities and townships were $2,932.70 and from the county $3,500; the total, includins? last year's balance, being $9,638.90. The s"nm of $4,719 was expended at ihe county house, and $952.31 in outdoor relief. The farm has produced, during ihe past year, $1,537 worth of produce and the cleared land, $340.94. There were 115 male and 42 female paupers maintained. Eiglity-six out of the 157 were of American naüonality. The board of supervisors allowed justice bilis, amounting in the aggregate to $495.50. On Monday, criminal claims were allowed in favor of Mr. Lehman and others. Jacob Stark was unanimously elected janitor. His salary ws fixed at $500. Mr. Loomis was elected superintendent of the poor. The bill of Dr. Kapp, $45 00, for medical services at the county house, during the ensuing year, was accepted. A number of eberiff's bilis were allowed. Yesterday the printing of the supervisor's rereport was awarded to The Rkgistkk Publishing Company. CITT NOTICES. " Mehlin." New etchings atBlake's.W. Huron-st. " Mehli__ _ Cali at Blake's and see the Mokeville tennis match. "MehünL Oysters in any Btyle. Meals at all hours at Mrs. Caspary's, corner of Annst and Fourth-avo. " Mehlin." Leave an order for a brick of Bisque or French Nongat Ice-cream. Hangsterfer. " MehlinT5 Miss K. H. Douglas will resume her classes in drawing and water-colors, after October Ist, at 62 East Huron-st. Teims, fifty cents a leBson. tf We have never seen an exhibit of more beautiful pianos than thoso which have recently arrived at Ihe AUmendinger Piano Company's store. Among twenty shown arethose in fancy figured mahogany, Circassian and French walnut and natural rose-wood. 26tf lees. Orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, pine apple, Roman punch. tf E. V. Hanosteefer. " Meblin." Go to Hangsterfer for pure, Iresb candios, Buttercups, Opera and Chocolate Oréame 30c per Ib. Caramela, cocoanut, peanut bars and üue cream mixed 25c per pound. " "Mehlin." Gibson displayed at the county fair several fine specimens of crayon work and enlarged photographa. He bas in bis employoneof the best crayon artists in the United States, who always gives good satisfaction. ïce t'rortin. Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, strawberry,macaroon,tutifruitti,bisque, nonquat. All Sunday orders should be eiven the day previons. tf E. V. Kangsterfee. "Mehlin." Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. A L.aIy In Texas Writes: My case is of long standing; has baffled many physicians; have tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradfield's Female Regulator is all that relieved me Write The Brodfleld Keg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by all druggists. " Mehlin." hildrenCryfor Pitcher's Gastona, Ice Creams and Ice9 served to families n 1, 2, 3 or i qt bricks. Hangsterfer. tf ChildrenCryfor Pitcher's Castoria. " Mehlin." A pair of shoes is one of most typical producís of modern industry. To make thetn the Animal Kingdom contributes from the herds of the Western Plains ; the Vegetable, from groves of oak and hemlock or from the great f jrests still left to us ; great faetones supply cloth and thread ; mines, furnaces and forges combine to furnish nails or wire. Through scores of processes, the fortytwo pieces of a pair of snoes require to bring them together, the co-operation of fifty men and women, whose división of labor is so thoroughly systematized that everything goes with the same regularity attributed to the works of a clock, until as a result, you, well shod reader, who wear the W. L. Douglas' Shoe, can buy a pair from three to five dollars that would have cost your forefathers from six to twelve.- Ex 10 Lnw ïxcnrslon Katos. The T., A. A. & N. M. railway company will give the following low rates : Michigan Masonic Fair at Grand Rapids, November 10 to 15 inclusive, onefare for round trip, to return theday following the date of sale- limited.


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