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FOK THE BOYS! A Safety Bicycle! S39 OO. I Thirty-Nine Dollars. THE Will give a First-class Safetv Bicycle, as shown in above cut, to any boy who will send us New Subscribers to The Register. Now is the time, boys, to go to work and earn one of these BEAUTIFUL WHEELSbetween now and next Spring. The Wheels are of the very best make, and every boy should have one. We wANTone or more boys in every Ibwnship in this County to win one of these Wheels. You can easily do so by speaking to your neighbors when you happen to meet them, between now and when it is fit to ride a Wheel next Spring. In this way you can secure a fine Bicycle without spending morelthan an hour's extra time. Remember that the Registee is ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Send names, with the pay, as fast as you secure them, stating with each order that you wish the names to apply on your Bicycle account, and you will receive due credit. BEGIN AT ONCE, Before somebody else starts in and gets all the best names. Address all letters and make all Money Orders payable to THE ANN ARBOR REGISTER, I Ann JLbbor, Mich.


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