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The Ancient Orderof Hibernians will give a ball tomorrow evening. Frank Adatns, disorderly, was sent to the Detroit house of correction last week. A meeting of the Washtenaw County Medical Society will be held on January U. Owing to an accident on the press, The Reciister is delayed this week to 'Friday morning. Ellis D. Alley, of Dexter, has entered the employment of A. L. Noble at the Star clothing house. During the past month the finance committeeof the city council granted bilis amounting to L4882.52. The Wolverine Cyclers willho'.d their first annual masquerade ball at the rink on the evening of January 22. J. V. N. Gregory has resigned the position of supervisor from Lima. His successor is Walter A. Dancer. The poor superintendent disbursed duing the past month $174.82 for the aid of poor families in this city. Mrs. John Maloy, formely of this city, died on Monday at Kalamazoo. She was a sister of Joseph Donnelly. The Temperance Union invite general attendance at the gospel temperance meeting in Cropsey's hall next Sunday at 3 o'clock. The Methodist society has elected the following trustees for the next three years: J. Ferdon. J. E. Beal, D. A. MacLachlan and A. J. Kitson. Joseph Boothroydstole a snow shovel from the Eberbach hard ware store Monday night. He is now spending a few days with Sheriff Dwyer. At the session of the supervisors on Wedneeday, the committee on sparrow orders report ed that $2,065,11 was paid during the year for 68,875 sparrows. President Angoll and wife will attend the meeting of the Webster Farmers' Club whieb is to be held on Jannary 10. Dr. Angelí will give a talk on China. Marión, the three-year-old child of Dr.Snllivan, formerly of Ann Arbor.dicd on Monday at Chicago of diphtheria. The retnains were brought to this city. The five week's old child of Mr. and and Mrs. Geo Devine, of Webster, died in the fourth ward on Friday last. The remfiins were taken to Dexter for interment. The city marshall made twenty-one arrests during the past month: five for larceny, eight for drunkenness, six for vagrancy and two for violation of dty ordinances. The young people's societies of the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches will hold a unión meeting, next Sunday evening, at the Methodist church. Louis Gate, Saturday. January 3, drnnk, jail, three days. Henry McCoysame day, disorderly, same place, five days. Frank Malley, January 5, drunk, same place, ten days. The annual report of the Zion church showed that there were during the year 1890, forty baptisms. sixteen marriages and twenty-fourdeaths in the congregation. Twenty-eight members were added. ' Company A held its annual election on Monday evening. The following officers were elected: President, Capt. W. F. Armstrong; vice president, J. T. Kenney; secretary, G. E. Parker; treasurer, Wm. Seery. A traveling burglar yesterday entered the house of Gilbert Howe, Pittsfield, and stole a gold watch and chain and a pocket-book containing considerable money. He was tracked by the officers as far as Adrián. Prof. Alexander Winchell has been chosen president of the Geological Society of America. He presided over the meeting recently held in Washington and responded, in behalf of the society, to the address of welcome which was delivered by Dr. Welling of the Columbian university. The contracts for furnishing wood for the various schools buildings of this city have been awarded to the following parties: Oak, at $3.85 and $3.90, to F. Dunlevy, P. O'Neil and G. Bauer; rnnple, at $4.92, S. Seyfried; hickory at $4.90, P. O'Neil; hickory, at $5.00, Chas. Kleger; bass-wood, at $2.50, Chas. Kleger. The remains of Mrs. C. C. Baldwin formerly a resident of this city, who died at Leadville, Colo., on December 8, were brought to this city Monday morning and were buried in the afternoon in Forest HUI cemetery. Mrs. Baldwin was thirty-six years old. She has lived in Leadville for the past seven or eight years. At the regular annual social and supper at the Unity club Monday evening January 12, the club as well as the rest of the Unitarian church organizations will make the regular year's report to theehurch. Theelection of chnrchofficers Sor 1891 will take place. All members and friends of the church are cordially invited. The Student's Bible Class of the Unitarian church,(Mrs.Sunderlanl teacher) will begin next Sunday, Jan. 11, ;i new course of study on the "History of the religión of Israel, and the origin ■ books of the old testament." ule of the lessons, with a í books for referenee and colla) ing may be obtained by Mr. or Mrs. Sunderland. Bxtensive improven in Hamüton Park nexl ruti ticial lake will thtn con will be 300 feet long and ab" deep on an average. 1 1 I be left an island upon H i stand. A small boíl will Juni ment for rowers. kept fresh by h fountain wlii overflow into the lake. The -; the addition will be thrown o new trees will be planted. Hamilton,Roseand Sheehan ;. tomuch praiee for their public The annual meeting ot tiie Presbyterian society vtas heidon Snnday evening. Reporta were presenteil showing a total benevolenee of $1,500 during 1890. Of tbia ammint 500 were given by Mrs. Louisa Saikett, and $166 hy beqnest from the estáte of Mrs. Mary E. Clark. The total number of new inembcrs added to the chnrch was 105. The pastor, made 500 calis. The expenses of the church amounted to $3,100. After n few trúil?, the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti railway companv succeeded iu making a round trip last Saturday night. Thcy nlso carriel many Ypsilanti people to Ann Arbor on Tuesday evening, the occasion being Stanley's lecture The motor, thus far, has proved unsatisfactory, being neither noiseless nor smokeless. An expert has been sent for, who will try to remedy, as far as possible, the defects of the machine. Rev. J. T. Sunderland will begin next Sunday rnorninï, Jan. 11, a courie of five sermona on "The Doctrine of a Future Life." The subjects of the sermón will be: (1) Proposed Substitutes for a Future Life, or Immortality in This World. (2) Snpposed Scientific Objections to a Future Life. (3) Hints and Foregleams from Science andeliewhere of an order of existence higher tban the present order, (4) Probabilities and Evidencea of a Future Life. (5) Nature and Condition of a Future Life, Ketribution, Heaven, Heil. Those -who heard the Stanley lecture were not disappointed. The hall was packed with an enthusiastic audience, who listened intently to the narrativo of the great explorer. He told the story of the Emin Pasha relief expedition, relating most graphically the terrible suferings of the intrepid band. Towards the last of the lecture, he referred to the charges against the conduct of the rear guard, and magnificently vindicated himself. The speaker was introduoed by President Angelí, while the stage was filled with members of ttie faculty, local ministers and other prominent people. An opportunity is to be afforded all who wish it, to takethe exauiination on the Gospel of Luke offered by the American Institute of Sacred Literature under the direction of the celebrated Professor Harper of Y!e university. The examination will be given at the lecture room of the Baptist church, Saturday anemoon, Jacnary 10, at2 o'ciock. Four grailes of questions are provided, varyir.g from the simpler to the more advaoced. All who have faithfully stndied the Sunday school lesson in Luke during 1890 should be able totakesome of the grades. All who are interested are invited whetherthey decide finally to tiike the examination or not. On last Tuesday morning The Two Sams sent a check for $150 to President Angellfor the gymnasium tund,andalso four checks of $12.50 ea( h as follows: One toMrs. Mack of the Germán Evangelical church, one to Mrs. Bach of the Ladies Charitable Union, one to Mrs. Spring of the Ladies Aid Society, and one to to Mrs. Freeman, of the A. M. E. church. The four latter for distribution among the poor of this city. This was in accordance with the offer made by The Two Sams in case no customer of theira gussed the word which would open the safe. There were over 2,300 guesses and several came dangerously close to the right word; wait and want being [the nearest - being only one letter away from wafi, the wrd required. From the Dayton Daily Journal we have the following with regard to the entertui tunent tobegiven here by theLadies' Library Association,ontheeveningof the löth and Hith of January. "Xeverwas there a more chast and beautiful entertainment at the Grand Opera house than the tableaux of "Ben Uur', exhibited last night. The Bcenery and stac;e properties for the production of the play were as fine as ever brought to the city. The local characters were adrairably adapted to their respective parts, and entered with enthusiasm and intelligence into the work. The audience was lare and appreciative and grew in enthusiaem with every scène until at last it was fairly on tip toe with interest and wild with excitement." Supervisor Gilbertoffered a resolution, Monday, tothe effect that: "The sheriff' or any of his deputies in and for the county of Washtenaw, in said state, are hereby authorized and required to cause such of the convicts under their charge, as are capable of hard labor, to be employed under the direction of said shnriff, and the committee on public buildings is hereby authorized to establish a stone yard in close proximity to the county jail as shall be practicable and cause said yard to be supplied with field stone from the county about the city of Ann Arbor, and the said sheriff shall einploy euch convicts in the work of preparing such stone as aforesaid, as proper material to place upon the public streets and highways, and the said committee is further authorized to sell and dispose of said prepared material in its discretion to city authorities of the city of Ann Arbor, or the proper oflicers of any township in said county to tt e best advantage." Theresolntion was adopted yesterday with amondments. The Huron Valley Building and Savings Afisociation of Ann Arbor is the name of a new organization which is just being formed. The petitioners comprise the following persons: John B. Mlner, William G. Doty, G. r.rehm, Chas. 8. Millen, B. F. Watts, M. 0. LeBeau, Neteon .)'. Kver, F. W. Belser, Jas. K. Bach, A. R. Hammond, Ambrose Kearney.Thomaa D. Kearney, 1). A. McLachlan.Jas. A. Brow n.Eugene K. Frueuiitf, W. D. Han . B. Steere.W. V. lireakey. Thei association is iliiin stated: "Building,snving and loan iiizo'l to enable and encouragei 10 make MVRtematic :.BiVurnish money at ■ ■t in ■ ■ n I UchKearney; W. G. ities, Ambrose ad und Ji.;rtnan 'pf.


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