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The Michigan Crop Re[ort of Jar.nary la Very interting, and especially so 8 that porlion of ie devoted to Washtenaw county. The average irices of oereals and live stock wtiioh prevailed on Jannary 1 werend fullows: Wheat, 89 cent.-; shelleil corn, 54; o its, 42; I h.iy, $7.96; fat cal I Ie, $2.82; fat ttogs, $3 13; dressed pork,$i05. The conditionof live stock was represented by the follow'mg figures : Horses, 99 per cent; cattle, 9ü; sh -, 99; swine, 94. The average prii-t of farm animáis was as follows: Horses- under one year old, $33 53; between une and two yearp, $05.12; between two and tb ree years, $78.44; three years and over, $11824; miluh cowa,$26.41;cattle othei than milch cows - under one year, $8.56; between one uil two years, $14.50; between two and three years, $22 28; three years aml over, $30 !L; sheep - under one yenr. $2AH; one yeirand over, S3.10; liogs - under one year, $3.12; one year and over, $;5.53. Tlie seoretary of state received reports frooi thirteen cut of twf.nty-fciur elevators and milis in this caanty. Durini; D -i-ernber 35,962 bushels cf wheat Wi re maiketcd. Since AnjList 1, 281,789 have Ijesn roarketed. Wa-htenaw county produce! du, ing 1889 6,928 bushels erf eïiver seed; 124,088 bushels of pitataj; 49,646 ton3 of hay. The apiarüu Bttistic8 tor the paat year are very valuable. They show Ihat in this courty tiiere are 70 apiarists. The num'ier of colonies of bees in the fall of 1889 was 379; in 1S90 was 895. During the winter of 18S9-90, 208 colonies were housed in cellar.-; 355 in chaff hives; 10 were otherwise proteoted,382 had no profeet i !, and 24 were not reported. 820 colooies produced 11,385 pounds of comb honey; 393 produced 4,956 poanda of eKtracted honey and 304 produced 98 pounds of wax.


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