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Mrs. Bank - Howdid your son lose his money? Mrs. Dejones - In a pail raanufactory. He wrote us he was running a bucket shop and the bottom feil out. Remarked by R. C. Joiner, of Allen P. O., HU Male Co., Mich.: 'Nothing gave mv rheurnatisin such quick relief as Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil - believe it infalüble for rheuraatics." Ethel (to her youngbrother, who had been whipped) - Don't mimi, bruzzer, don't mina. Brother (betvreen his tears) - That's just what I was licked for, not minding. The three outlets of disease are the bowels, the skin and the kidneys. Regúlale their action with the best purifying tonic. Burdock Blood Bitters. Wilhelmine, the 10 year-old queen of Holland, monrns in white gowns for her father. She is not allowed even a dot of black or colors in her house costumes. Col. J. Henry Sellraan, Collector of Internal Reverme, Biltimore, Md. , believe in it for rheuraatism. He writes: I have tr:ed Salvation Oil, and believe it to be a good remedy for rheumatism. "Hallo, there, what are you doing?" asked a policeman when he found a thief in a Pittsburg store late at nlght. "I'm just taking stock," replied the man. There is not a joy the earth can give' likethe sudden surcease of violent andterrible pain. It is like the rest at the gate of Paradise, but how can it be found? It is the simplest matter in the world. Buy a bottle of Silvation Oil and rub it in. Bismark"s inspparablecompanionsare two large Danish hounds. At dinner they eat heside their master, and he occasionally feeds them with hn own hand?. Go teil It, ye breez;s. from desert to sea, The "Preecription" has triumphed, fair woman isfree! Dr. Pierce's Favurite Prrscription is the one princely remedy aboveall others-! Made expressly for women, it isadapted to her special needs, aud fulfills every requirement. No conditlon so crltical as to defy it ! No emergency so great as to baflle it ! As a woman's restorative and regulator, the " FavoritePrescription" is master of the situation. Positively guaranteed to (jiye Batisfaution in all cases, or monoy paid for it returned. The only medicine for women sold on trial. Plgmlea va. nitmtu. Lilliputian as they are in size (bfinjr no Uirer than mustard seeds). tliey achieve repults that tlieir Brobdinnnagian opponents utterly fail in. We refer to the effieacy of The powerful preparation known ás Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, compared with that of their gigantic competitors, the old-style pill. Trythelitlle giantn, vyhen dyspeosia, liver complaint, coiiBtipation, biliciusness, or any kindred ills assail you, and you'll make no mistake- they'll disappear at once


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