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CITY XOTICES. Great rednction in prices on brie-a brac aiul table waie at Kondall'a iluriiii January. 39 Notice something new in Hungsterter's ad. 32 t f Toi' Cream sin! !■; -"rved to lv.mlie o 1, 2, 3 or 4 qt brioks. HsniiSterfer. tt "Oilds and Endtt," short piecea of mouldings must be sold to make roo:n 'or spring stork. Frame your pictures 1OW at Randall's Rerun-intSale. 39 Buy 1 lb. of candy and iruess at reiffbt of large stick free at Hanesterfer'i, 32 tf Ice rream. Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pistaehio, slrawberry, maearoon, tutifiuitti.bisque, ïonquat. All Sunday orden should he giventheday previons. tf E. Y. Hangsterfer. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castorie. l. B. S. - This means Randall's Remnant Sale of picture mouidinizs for January, 1891. Short lencthh and ''odds and nds" will be Boldcbeap. Brinj; your ictnretl 39 Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. If you intend buyinu a sewinu in. bine in the next híx inontli, a Dinnesic, White, Davis, or New Home, leave our order with J. F. Schuli on tiie new )lan. Prices ent down to alm. st nollint;. You cay pay $1 (10 per week and et a brand new maihinfl at f rom $2.00 0 $31.00. Cali at once and get a Bood machine cheap o Five Dollars Kcward s hereby offered for evidente that will ead tothe convictionof the parties who lave nmtilated plants in my vard. Henry Purfleld, 39 S. Ineall-st. ' 39 Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria. Win Yuu Joln The Colon; ïow organizinj; to lócate in Maryland, )tween the tities of llaltimore and Washincton. Here are fine farraing andf, low in price; adaited to every ranch of agriculture; an abundance of ture, soft water; delijjht ful and healthul Clituate; near to the best markets of he world; unptirpassed railroad faciliies, with low freight and passenger ratea, wilh qulck time; educational advantages second to Done; churches represeuting almost all denominations; refined and cultured society, etc. Onlv 1 few more wanted to complete the Colony, and if you wanttojoin in one of the best opportunities of a life-time now is the time. Farmers, business men, mechanica and laborers, here is a chance for all. 100 per cent. profit easily assured in three years. Full inbrmation free of charge, furnished by M. V. Richards, Land and Immieration Agent, B. A O. R. R., Baltiiuore, Md. 39 9 8 8 P5 tf "irj LJ O CD P ■r i O (1 B &■■■■■ k i4 ees


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