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Fifty-first Congress

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BKNATE. Washington, Feb. 4. - In the Senate yesterday billa were passed providing penalti.'. for embezzlement of pensions oy guardians of pensioners; anpropriating f1 ■ a public building at St. Paul. 'i h catión bilí was disoussed. 8T0N, Feb. ü.- !.;'ls were rcported in I ■ yesterday to provide for 1! la cnrryng export i m thO United States to for : i prevent adult The fort:.: ■ I ■ y appropri V. long the bilis introduc jd in i yesterday was one increa n of (eneral Custer's wldow to ?100amonth. The pension appropriation bill was passed. It appropriates for pensions for the y. ■ and expenses of examjaing surgeons, 1,500,000: for salaries of eighteen pension agents, 87:2,000, and for clerk hire, 8400,000. Other bilis were passed to authorize the construction of a tunnel undex New Vork bay; for a survey of the interior of Alaska; for the construction of three Indian industrial schools in W'isconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, the cost not to exeeed $30,000 each. Washington, Feb. 7. - In the Senate yesterday the naval appropriation bill was reportad and the House bill providing for the adjustment of accounts of laborera, workmen and mechanies ariaIng out of the eight-hour law was disoussed. Washington, Feb. 9. - In the Senate on Saturday it was decided to hold evening sessions hereafter. The House bill for the adjustment of accounts of workmen, laboren and mechanics under the eight-hour law was discussed. Mr. Wolcott said he fancied that all Senators had the sume quality of sympathy with laboring ïnn, and thought that it was abor.t time to have some sympathy v.-itit the (iovornment. The bill was an absurdity, and he moved it be recommitted to the coinmittee on education. The motion was agreed to - yeas, 27; n.iys, '2i. Washington, Feb. 10. - A resolution was adopted in tho Senate yesterday calling upon the President for corrcBpondence rclative to the iniportation of products of the United States of Brazil. " A bill to authorize the construction of a bridge auross the St. Louis river betWecn Wiscon.sin and Minnesota was reporter!, nors:;. WaSHIUöTON, Feb. 4. - In the House yesterday bilis were passed prohibiting the sale of tobaoco to boys under 16 years of age in tile Di.sirict of Columbia; gTanting a pension to Mrs. E. F. Noyes, widow of the late General Noyes. The sundry civil bill ($81,343,970) and the agricultural appropriation bill (2,304,853) were reported, Washington, S"eb. 5.- The diplomatie and consular appropriation bill was passed in the House yesterday and the conference report was adopted on a bill providing for an additional Justice of the Supremo C'ourt of Arizona. Washington. Feb. 6. - In the House yesterday the time. was occupied in discussing the sundry civil appropriation bill, and an amendment was offered to the coinage paragraph providing for the freo oonage of silver. Washington. Feb. 7. - The bill amending the land forfeiture act by extending the time was passed in the House yesterday. and the free silver coinage amendment to the sundry civil appropriation bill was defeated by a vote of 134 to T.27. There was a lively debate on the report made some time ago by the National commission of the world"s fair, and Chairman a;_rain brought to the front his resolution slashing salaries, ignoring the director-general and limiting the meetings of the National board and ladies' board, No action was taken. Washington, Feb. !). - In the House on Saturday the amendment to the world's fair clause of the undry civil appropriiition bül v I. It malíes alar; of th ■ general, 87,500: -president of the executive committee, fl,000; seeretary. ' ;.. 10; elerks, etc., 88,000. A bilí was introduced to provide revenue for pensions and other purposes. It proposea au annual taz upon the annual income of every pci'son residing in the 1 niird States i f the income exceeds $1,000 yearly. Washington, Feb. 10. - in the House yestcrday a bilí v::s introdueed to prohibit alions trom obtaining title to public lands. The sundry ;ivil bill was passed. A Joint resolution was iavorably reported prohibitinj? the manufacture. Importation, exportation, transportation and sale of all alcoholic liquors as a beveragc in the United States.


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