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An editor wassittingin his office when a man rashed in and exclaimed: "I want to know what you mean, sir?" "Mean about what?'' "You employed me to canvass for subscriptions, and this morning you denounce rne and say that I have nothing to do with your paper." "Yes." "But explain your inconsistent conduet.'' "Well, 111 teil yon. I did it to help you along." "Help me along!' "Yes, help you along. Some time ago we sent out a man. We gave him credentials and a complimentary notice. He went out and didn't do much of anything. Just about that timo a fellow who claimed to represent us began to travel through the country. Our oflice was flooded with complaints of not getti;ig the paper, and we denounced the fellow, but the more we denounced him the moro he prospered. We had given our authorized agent authority to draw on us, but he went to a bank and was refused. The next day the fraud came along and drew ou us. So novv I think tliat the only way to aid you in your modest but laudable enterprise is to denounce you." "You are right,'' said the canvasser, as he seized the editor's hand. "You are right. I want to make some money out of this thing, and to-morrow I wish you would say thut I ought to be arrested." Arkansaw Traveler.


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