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As a Rule, It is best not to attempt to remedy costiveness by the use of saline or drastic purgatives. When a cathartio medicine is needed, the most prompt and beneficial is Ayer's Pilis. Their effect Is to restore the regular action of the bowels, without weakening them. Being sugar-coated, these Pilis retain their medicinal virtues for a long time, and are easy to take. " I can recommend Ayer's Pilis above all others, having long provecí their valué as a cathartic for myself and family."- J. T. Hess, Leithsville, Pa. " In 1858, by the advice of a friend, I began the use of Ayer's Pilis as a remedy for biliousness, constipation, high fevers, and colds. They served me better than anything I had previously tried, and I have used them in attacks of that sort ever since."- II. W. Hersh, Judsonia, Ark. Ayer's Pilis, TREPAEED BY DB. J. C. AYER & CO., Xiowell, Mass. Sold by all Dealers in Medicines. Delicious Minee Pie in 20 Minutes AKTT TIÏÏEE OF ÏHB TEAS. DOUGHEBTyS NEW ENGLAND mmm MIKCE MEAT. 4JJlïP In paper boxes; enough for two largo rica. Always ready; easily preparcd. CLEAN, WHOLESOME, COHVENIENÏ, i SOUP BY ALL CROCERS. "MOTHERS JSlc fbiFHD" LESSENS PAIN mTQ UFE Q DIMINISHES DANn P BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO. ATlANTAg SOLD BY ALL OWGGISrS" SOLD BY C. E. EBEBBACH. TARÜID THE GREAT HOUSEHOLD REMEDY FOR ■frPH-ES Salt Rhoum, Eczema, Wounds, Burns, Sores, Croup, Bronchitis, Etc, PRICE 5O CENTS. Send three stamps for free sample box and book. TAMÍDSOAP, ABSOLUTELY PURE, FOR MEDICINAL, TOILET, BATH AND NURSERY PUfiPSsES. TAR-OID CO., Chicago, I1L L&'. 8TREN0THEHINQ PLASTEA EVER 1NVENTED. %X? This trade-mark will bo found on all genaine goods. Look for it when you buy. Don't be fooied. There Is no other piaster or external remedy like tho Hop Piaster, either In composition, quickness of action or reliability. They givo Instant relief and permanent cure for every troublesome pain, sorencss, acho or weaknee& in any part of the body. Used in thousands of homes always wíth absoluto coníidence and success. Sold by reliablO medicine dealers evcrywhere. Sent by mail on receipt of price. 25 ets.; 5 for gil. 00. HOP PLASTER CO., PROP'S, BOSTON. I i8 Bi ■ Ia The Greafest Blood PurifieriQ KNOWN. g I Tliis Great Ccrman Jledirine is the#. I chea pest and 128 doses iilM'L-# I PHUlllilïTi:itSfor$1.00,lc-sstlian "J I one cent a close. It will cure VivïB tj Q worst cases of Bl;ln disease, f rom m Ba common pimple on tlio fnocjr U to that awful dlsesse Scrofula.# fl SCLl'IIt-R BIÏTEE8 3 the# ? best mwlirine to use lu all# cases of sucti Btabborn itti'lJryour Kiildeep Beated dlseases. Do#DeyBarcoal uot erer t;ike #oforder.Use I Q BLUE PILLS LBg&E!ivf!M II the purest and best#ya us0 ► Mmeaidu, ever inüdo. yga]pl,nr Blt'-erS ! U " m w"l yellowsUckjwSDon't vrnit niitll you ö ■Ta aul)t :i": e? Uyur#are unablotowalk, orlll Illbrenth foul andjfare flat on your back, III Illoiri-ii.-ivi: y YourjFbut grt Bonie nt onccltlll II8tom!K'h ia outr will euro you. Suluhurl ■Hof on lor. Use#Bitters is gni'i'rKThe Inralid's Friend. ö MS 8 your l ri--toring are soon made well by II ■II thick.#its use. Reinemberwliatyoul I rlll roJ'y cl-#re;id berc, it mav save your III Wl ' 0I#lifc it lla3 savici liumlrods. II] &■ MDou't wait uiitil to-morrow, Q I ƒ Try a Bottle To-day) E3 " Hl M ,re you lcv-splrited and we;ik,l 'II S Mor snffbving froin the excesses of UI III ■youth? If 80' SULPUUK mTïliKsl 1 Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Oiilway & Co., . Boston. Mass., for btiai raeilicul work publisheU?


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