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Real Estate Transfers

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J. R. Lowrey to J. A. Lowrey, part of s w % sec 9, Hiidgewater J3.500 Conraa Beutier to Jacob Gierlach. w '4 se i and e . s w J4 sec '29, Saline 8,000 Mary Ann Clark to M. A. and J. Clark, parts of lots 2 and 8, block 3n of Huronst, range 4 e, Ann Arbor „ 1 Nelson (arlingho se to Sarah J. Krause, 11 'A e }i w ! .', u w , sec 22, Ann Arcor town 2,700 J. N. VanDuyne to D. L.Ostrander.oart of lot 214 and lot 215 Hunter's add, Ypsilanti.. 900 E. B. Morehouse to E. Hodge, lot ou Lowellst, Ypsilanti.. 1,200 J. A. Smith to Thos. and John Soth, 15 acres in n w y. sec 12. Saline 1,237 L. W. Davfs to C. F. haubengayer. e i s e l4 sec 2ti and u e '4 n e '4 sec 35, Sylvan 5,900 C. Laubengayer to Geo. liarais, u w ]4 n w % sec 16, Lima. 3100 L. C. Burhans to Wm. Gieger, s t ' -Í t e 4 sec 12,Northfield .„ 1,350 E. B. Morehouse to B. and J. E. 1. mbert, lot onLowell-st, ïpsilanti 200 J. J. Robiaon to J. E. Beal, lot on N. Mainst, Ann Arbor 1350 E. M. LBaron to Benton Burying(?round Association, y2 acre adjolniug cemetery, Saline 50 Loul8aSchmid, by Ex., to H. A. Neuhoff, Ann Arbor 2 000 W. H. Parker to J. M. Lehman, part of s w ' Í sec 2, Sharon 10Q E. A. Forbes, et al, to Sidney Forbes. part of secs 24 and 25 ; part of n e í s e Ú sec 26 Ypsilanti town „.. 7 500 B. F. Bailey to Wm. Cook, lot onForest-ave, Ypsilanti 515 A. C. VanRiper, by heirs. to J. L. Harlow, part of lot 6, block 19, Dexter „ 50 Geo. J. Zahn to Michael Luckbart, part of s eJ4 sec 29, Lodi „ 200 P. F. Post to H. C. Winters, lot 2, Eber Patlee'sadd, Ypsilanti 400 J G. Rentschler. by Ex, to J. G. Rentschler, jr., Lodi.. „ 2,000 Wash. Beaman to F. Beaman, e lA s e % sec 30, andwUsw! sec 29, Lyndon, also nnaivided % n w % s e yt sec 14, and und i s w % n e i sec 21, Waterloo, Jackson Co. 600 QUIT CLAIMS. C. H. Richmond to J. J. Robison, part of n e lA sec 18, and vtin w '4 sec 17, Freedom. S 1 J. J. Robison, to G. F. Kobison, et al, w U n w )4 sec 17, and part of n e ' , sec 18, Krecdom _ 1 Park Associaliou to Turnverein, part of w 14 sec 29, Ann Arbor 1