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House Cleaning Time!

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Spring-like day3, balmy air, swelling bud3, growing grass, and - to spoil the poetry of it all - house clkaning ! Qüeer how many things are revealed to us by this Annual turning of things topsy-turvy. For instance, who'd suppose that a new Carpet- bought only nine years ago- was in perfect condition yet. But, alas! the Annual Housecleaning has shown it to be threadbare and worn. In fact, it seems very probable we shall be obliged to relégate it to an upper room and purchase a new one for the sitting room. And then it suddenly dawned on us that those old Curtains would not look very well beside the new Carpet, and before we scarcely realized it we had sent them into exile, up stairs, along with the Carpet. We dislike to buy so much this Spring, but then there is one comfort in it all, and that is that it won't cost us much. John told me the other day that he bought his Carpets and Curtains of E. F. MILLS & CO., and was surprised at the sinall amount it cost him for the very best goods. I think I will go down there, with my wife, this morning and get them to figure on the job. They certainly are doing the largest Carpet business in town, and I don'.t think they could hold their trade unless they were offering the right goods at the right prices.


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