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The last Scssion of the club, lield on Saturday, April llth, at. the house of Wooster Blodgeü. was very interesting. As the question drawcr was opened the problem, "hould the average faruiei bo his own mechanic," was solved by citing some curious experiences and coming to the conclusión íhat the "jack of all trades is mastr of none." " Does it pay for farmer's wlves to piece quilts or inake rag carpels?" also caused quite a lively time among the women.especially the young ladies ; yet very few seemed to favor it. The way out of the present financial difficulties of the farmer was the next subject in order. The road was marked out, in a clear and somewhat practical way, by the leader of the discussion, who auggested the outlay of less muscle and more thought ; less war on the retail dealer and more attention to the trubtsand overpo wering monopolies; less attention to the way some fat neighbor manages, with his unlimited capital, and more attention to detail at home. After all the effort on the part of the leader in the discuss:ou to show the way out of the farmer's ünancial difficulties, anottier farmer advanced the happy idea that the farmers of our country are in as goodshape, flnancially, as ever.


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