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Henry Johnson, of Dixboro, has an original pensión. Wheat has reached a maximum price of $1.12 a bushel. Justice N. G. Butts went to Detroit, Monday, on business. J. F. Schuh drilled the members" of Company A on Monday evening. J. I!. Williams, of Thompson-st, is preparing to erect a fine residence. The number of pupils studying German in the gecond ward school is 240. Mrs. Henry, of Constantine, Mich., will erecta fine residence on Willard-st. C. S. Milieu will move into his new house on Lawrence-stbefore the middlo of May. M. Seery, register of deeds, will erect a new house on north State-fit, this eeason. County Treasurer Brehm on Saturday attended the funeral of his uncle, at Lansing. The council on Monday night fixed the liquor bonds at $3,000, the same as last year. J. H. Cutting and W. D. Adama took the third Masonic degree on Thursday evening last. Esther Dunlap, of the fourth ward, died on Tuesday of paralysis, at the age of sixty-five. The Demócrata of the fourth ward meet tonight to nominate a successor to Alderman Miller. Cari Haueser has Eold his dray business to Jerry Minaban. He expects to become a farmer. Judge E. D. Kinne has adjourned court at Monroe. It wili not be held again till September. Thomat J. Smuithwaite has been chosen chairman of the Pittsfleld board of school inspectora. Hon. MelbourneH. Ford ,who died in Grand Rapids on Monday, was bom in Saline, June 30, 1849. Walter Taylor, the well known alderman, will erect a fine residence on Broadway, this spring. The contest of the Northern Oratorical League takes place Friday evening, May 1, in University Hall. The Wolverine Cyclers wish to thank tbeir many friends who have helped to make their hops successful. Frederick Scbmid left, Monday, for Fontiac, where be attended a meeting of the insane asylum board. The J. T. Jacobs camp of the Sons of Veterans was inspected, Tuesday nigbt, by Major Main, of Jackson. William H. Artis, a colored boy, was sent to the Lansing reform school"Puesday. He is twelve years old. The Ann Arborstreet railway coinpany has filed a demurrer to the amended bill of the Packard-st residente. N. J. Kyer has been elected commander of the Maccabees, in place of J. A. Polhemus, who has resigned. Work on the Packard-st extensión of the street railway line was commenced this week. About twenty men are employed. The Ann Arbor Lodge, No. 320, Good Templare, will give a social next Monday evening at their hall, over J. T. Jacobs' store. Republicana of the fourth ward should not forget to attend the caucus which is to be held tomorrow evening in Fireman's hall. John H. Herter, one Jf the oldest pioneers of Lodi, died last TUursday at the age of eeventy. His funeral took place on Monday. The Cook House was sold, Mr. Nowland, of Romulus, Mich., who recently purchased the Hawkins House, in Ypsilanti. The Register office has never had as large an amount of job work on its hands as at present, and has never employed so large a forcé. Forty-eight real estáte transfers were recorded at the office of the register of deeds last week. A large number of farms are changing hands. A billiard hall will scon be etarted in the Sager block, by G. H. Hazelwood. It is designed to set apart one day in each week fer the ladies. Goodyear & St. James have bought a dry goods store in Morenci. Mr. St. James will remain in charge of it until the goods are closed out. A colored boy, dressed in fine regalia, and perched up in the show window of Mack & Schmid, attracted much attention on Saturday evening last. The Register Publisbing Company has just completed for the Univereity Minstrelsa large poster in colors, which is attracting much favorable comment. Anna Collineen, who lives just outside the city limits, was brought before JusticeButts.yesterday.charged with drunkenness. She was given ten days in jail. The pioneer room in the court house basement bas been neatly kalsomined. It is suggested that some one should arrange the relies in some kind of order. The coroner'e jury, which gat on the remains of John George Leopold on Thursday ast, came to the conclusión that his death bv drowning was accidental. Fied Bagley, ;i brakeman on the Michigan Central, laupht his hand betwoen the bumpers early Tuesday morning. It was found neceseary to amputare a thnmt. Tlie Michigan lïre aud Marine Insurance company luis paid the M Fletcber, of 8onth Fifth-ave, $208, fort he dainage done to their house on Thr.rsday ifternoon last. The next encainpment of the state inilitia will be held at Whitmore Lake, commencing Julv 36. The fiti is the farm of Frank Barkei, on the west side of the lake. A triple runaway occurred Monday evening on Ashley-ave and Liberty-st. The rigs of Fred Kaercher, Christian Laubengayer and John Lucas were all considerably injured. J. T. Jacobs has been confined to his house by the grip for the past few days, and has beenobliged to give up his trip to Cincinnati as a delégate to the League of Republican clubs. The mouthly mean of temperatura in Ann Arbor for the month of March was 30.1 degrees. The maximum, 53 degrees, was reached on the 29th; the minimum, 2 degrees, on the lst. March was a very gloomy inonth in Ann Arbor. The state weather report says that nineteen days were clourty, eight fair and four clear. The snowfall was 5.5 inches, rainfall 2.57 inches. Benjamin DePue, one of the oldest and most respected farmers of Superior township, died on Monday at the age of seventy-nine years. He was a widower, liis wife having passed away in 1882. Mr. and Mrs. Delmont, two inmates of the Hotel Dwyer, awaiting trial, Lave just finished an oil painting, which shows inuch skill and taste. It represents a flock of snipes standing near a pool. Warren E. Walker has just completad a small steam yacht, constructed partly of cedar and partly of oak. He originally intended to place it on Zukey Lake but, on account of hia removal to Grand Rapids, will send it to that city. A. M Clark, grand lecturer of the Btate, held a school of instruction on Monday evening last in Masóme Hall. The third degree was conferred upon J. Fred Bentschler and G. S. Davenport. About 125 masons were present. The monthly meeting of the Washtenaw Horticultural Society will be held Monday, May 2. The topics for discuBsion will be: Sale of fruit through an agent; diseases of the peach tree; preventing of washing on hill pides; paper by W. F. Bird, and report of committee on collections froni fruit-growers. The Knights of Pythias elected the following officers Thureday night: Past Grand PaDiSha.W. H. Hallock; Grand Pa Di Sha, Dr. J. L. Rose; Grand Vizier, H. C. Montgomery; Grand Pasha, James H. Ottley; Prophet, G. S. Pritchett) Grand Herald, W. H. Eichhorn; secretary and treasurer, Stafford B. Nickels; Grand Wardsman, W. L. Harmon; Grand Vidette, W. R. Fulde. Three women, Nancy Fisher, Sadie Leninger and Sadie Krutruff, the last mentioned being the mother of the second, were arrested on Thursday night and taken to jail. Fisher pleaded guilty to the third offense as a drunkard and was bound over to the circuit court. Leninger was sent to the house of correction for the second offense, nnd Krutruff, charged with drunkenness, was sentenced to the county jail for two days. There will be an interesting entertainment at the Baptist church next Friday night. ProfessorSpalding and Librarían Davis will give a talk on Oxford, its universities and libraries. The entertainment will be under the auspices of the Young People's Society and will doubtlessbewell worth attending. The special fitness of both these gentlemen to talk on these Bubjects and the great fame of Oxford's schools and libraries assure a well spent evening to all who are present. Stereopticon views of the variious colleges and the buildings of special liistorical interest will be presented. Rev.StephenKlingmann.theLutheran pastor at Weinsberg, died last Friday of inflainmation of the lungs. He was bom in 1833 in Baden, Germany, and was educated at Basle, Switzerland. He came to America not long after graduation. After serving as pastor for several years in Adrián and Monroe.he came to AVeinsberg, where he has remained since. He was president of the Michigan Lutheran synod for many vears, and was known as a preacher throughout the United States. The funeral took place on Tuesday. Twenty ministers, from all parts of the state, were present.


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