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What The Art Loan Is

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The Art Loan s the helpmeet of Ihe 8. C. A. Besides this, it is to be a fine exhibit of pictures, bric-a-brae, oriental draperies, oriental costumes, etc, etc. The loan proper will opeli May 18, though there will be soine preliminary serving of refreshrnents after the 'lee club concert on the evening of May 15. Oae of the delightful features of the loan will be the Germán room. The committee appointed to arrange and preside over this room is Mrs. M. L. D'Ooge, Mrs. I.. P. Hall and the Misses Schmid, Neuraann, Gruner and li. Condón, witli Miss Clara Mack as cba:rman. The committee are putting forth commendable efforts and expect to inake the room a fac siniile of the iSttal Germán interior. Kvory man and womau vriio Ioves the fatherland should see the Germán room, even if he or she sees no other department of the art loan. This room will contain furniure, etc, dieünotively Germán, much of whicfa has been brought from bevond the ocean. Another grand feature of the loan ie the' art gallery. Do yoa enjoy a line picture? Then visit the art loan and fee some of the finest picures from the famous McMillan colleetion, all of which have been painted by he masters of the brush and have been mrchaseil at a cost of hundreds and, in many instantes, of thouands of dollars, '.■et every individual pcssessing an artistic eve and an artistic love of eauty visit the art gallery and .artake )f an artistic feast.


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