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The Germán empire, jy the !ast census, has 19,000,000 of poptilation, Prussia having of these 30,000,000 and the next división, Bavaria, baving 5,500,000. "Oh speak, ye ghosts of the dead, and nay what killed you?" The answer carne, borne on the lierce east wind"Cold! cold! cold!'' Then let us be thankful thai Bince then we have Dr. Bull'l Cough Syrup. In the United States aiinually about 2Ö0O persons are tried for niurder, with an average of about 100 legal executions. In live of the states imprisonment for life has been establisted for the deatfa penalty. We cali attention to tlie advertisement of llibbards Ilerb Kxtract in another column: read of Mrs. Hibbard's wonderful cure. Common sense suggests that a remedy that will cure such cases of scrofula as areat eating ulcers, should have power to expel all minor blood diseases. Try it. Berlin's society for the homelesssheltered last year 108,0(K) men and Iö.OOd women. Bince 1870 the society has assisted, with lodgings, bath, breakfasts and medical care, 2,2o'.,000 persons. l'hysicians' prescriptions have failed to reach many cases of rheumatism known to have been subsequently cured by Salvation Oil. That in the reason why the popular voice is unanimous in its favor. One bottle is usually suflicient.


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