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FOR THE BOYS! A. SAFETY BicYmu THIRTY-NINE DOLLARS! GrECE ÍN ARBOR REGISTER Will j! ve ,1 First-i SAPETY-.-BICYCLE M Bhown ::i :.!'iiv i', tO iDJ 'iny ho will eend in Seventv-Five New Subscribers TO THE REGISTER. NOW IS THB TIME, BOYS, tO (-" tO o,: ami eani one of i hese Beautiful Wheels befnrc ii e Beatón open?. The Whebls are of the very besl muke and e very bny phouKl have oije. Wk want (i)e oï more boys in fwr Tovmship in IhisCounty 10 win one of these WiiKKis Yoa can asilydn so by Icing to your neighborn hen yon happen lo meel them. In tbis way yon can m cure a ti ríe Bictclb withoni r pending more llihii ;i few hou' extra lime. Rbmembbb dial THE REGISTER IS $1.00 A YEAR! Senil name?, with the pay, aa fust as yon secure them, stating with eacfa order that you wisli the ñames to apply oq yoni Bicyclk account, and yon will receive dne credit. BEGIN Arl ONCE Bofore somebody else starts in and gets all the best naini 8. Addressall letters and make allMoney Orders pflyable to THE ANN ARBOR REGISTER, 4.HH ARBOR, MICH. " - AyA 'Qv ndqNg The Laruit, Funtent and Flnrst In the World. Rirnirngm nocomofüitions uiit'Xft-lltKl. NEW YORK. LONDONDERRY AND GLASGOW K III IOl'lA, April IS, I CIRCASSIA, May2, DEVONIA. ' 25. I ANCHOK1A, May '.). NEW YORK, GIBRALTAR AND NAPLES. SALOON, SECOHD-CLASS AND STEERAGE ratMonlowmt trrmi to and from thsprtñclple SCOTCH. ENSL1SH, IRiSH AKD AU CORTHItHTAL POIKTS. '■ to return by elther the l'i orth of lrcland, or liiviT Merw .... -.iitRar. CIRCULAR LE1TERS OF CREDIT. OfiAFTS AKD MOKEVORuTSS 'oranyaniuuutntlon'i'sti'iirruntrati's. Apply to any of onr local nf-ente, orto KENOERSON BROTHERS, Chicago, III. JAHBH It. BAGB, Ap.'nl. pENSIONSÜSS I Lost Discharges Quickly Duplicated. l8YearsEXAMINERU.S;Pension Bureau. D. I. MURPHY, P. O. Bcx 534. Washington, D. C. NEW ADVERTISEMEiNTS. A mTTvTTÏ! makc 1OO jPSJI CbllfT net on A U JiliN X O ïny Corsets, Belts, Brashe, Curl■■ ers.and Medicine. Samples frcc. Writenow. Dr. Bridgman, 371 Broaiiway, New York. PC gk VNE8S A KtSS KC!iLS CDREDInr llfc BA fcftck'd 1-NVlálBLK TUBllÏAg EAR mJWmiJFfi m CUSHiOIJS. V.lilsponi Leard. Corn. .i lililr. SiMufal kareall Urin.dlnUI. SulJbj t. HISIIK, lf, aa tir'aj, .. ïr. nl. r.r i.IjM-.j&ritïX. A" CHANCE TO MAKE MOÑFy. Salnry nnl lxpoiiMCM tull, or Comini.sviun ifprcferred. Salesmen wanted everywhere No expcrience noeded. Address, stating age, The C. L. VanDusea Nursery Co., Geneva, X. Y iövDr, Grosvenor's k H? öeil-cap-sic PLASTER. I 'nav: '-' M ED D C Q GRATEFUL-COrVÍFORTING. COOOA THEGsrATHEAlTHDRlKK. l':u'ku(4" nulcee ■ gallons. Delioious, np&ric.liDg, and i isixw. Öold dv all dealer. A béautiful Pwtope ñltá cartl booI FR EU to any one Kendinir i HIRES ' 'O .. PbiladBlphia. Pa. ■Sci wnHAIR BALSAM FSSSr kHKever Faila lo Kentoiv Grav kÍ&í$'Íi - !iH rHair to ít!! YoutllIu' Color.' líe Parker'BGíneeionieItcurSíiKworstroüí?!! vak l.ung, IHbiUiy, InligcrtiuD, Pnio,Tke in tituc.Wi ti. SIINDERCORNS. The onWiurf cuTcforCbmi. opi íiljíftio. 15c at or UítíCOX ft CO., N. Y.


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