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Justice E. B. Pond is convalescent. The citv clerk reports a balance of $5,398.34 on hand. The sparrow orders issued last inonth amounted to $96.62. Thomas McMann, of Northíield, lias au original pension. Prize-shooting will take place nexl; Sunday at Relief Park. The water company has taken twentythree new orders this year. Tax sales are being held every morning at the county treasurers office. The petition for the sale of the estáte of Nancy Conklin was granted on Mon-' day. The school board will meet next Tuesday evening, provided a quorum is present. F. A. Howlett has formed a partnership with J. W. Robison in the livery business. ,p Grand Commander Doty wi!l inspect the Damascus commandery of Detroit tomorrow evening. Owing to the illness of the prosecuting attorney the criminal cases in the May calendar have been postponed. The stars and stripes will soon lloat above University Hall, arrangements having been made for a staff and flag. Marshal Murray, it is understood, served notice this morning that hereafter all Baloonkeeoers must obey the law. Whitmore Lake was visited.Monday, by Quarter-Master General Wood, who made some arrangements for the encampment. County Treasurer Brehm last month received $2,894.7.", and disbursed $3,488.46. There is a balance on hand of 13,149.59. G. W. Howard, of Toledo, grand chief of the International Brotherhood of Bailway Conductors, and wife were in the city Monday. Mainie White, the four-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. White, of the iifth ward, died Tuesday. Measles was the the cause of her death. The city marshal reported eleven arrests last month, one for assault and battery, nine for drunkenness, one for being a drunkard and tippler. A May day festival may be seen in the display window of E. F. Mills & Co. The participante are only dolls, but they look as intelligent as live people. Harry W. Booth, charged with shooting Geo. J. Stoll, was arraigned Tuesday and ]leaded not guilty. His case was postponed till the end of the term. J. T. Jacobs left for New York, Monday morning, to attend the meeting of the board of Indian Commissioners. Mr. Jacobs is a member of the purchasing committee. Miss Emily Weibrecht, daughter of Mrs. John Weibrecht, died Tuesday of consumption at her home on west Liberty-st. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon. The track-layers on Packard-st have already passed State-st. The road will be completed within the next two weeks. The new cars willarrive-before the middle of the month. The suit of James Caramalla vs. Wm. Burke, for the recovery of rent, occupied the attention of the circuit court Tuesday and Wednesday. The verdict was, no cause for action. The poorcomini8sionerreports$114.K; paid out in aid during the past month, distributed as follows; First ward, $11.68; second, $7,09; third, $22.75; fourth, $49.67; fifth, $21,67; sixth, $1.75. The finance committee Monday night reported expenditures for April as follows: Contingent fund, $1,048.54; poor, $73.40; pólice, $175.75; cemetery, $3.75; fire department, $407.54; street, $807.33; total, .$2,510.31. The household efl'ects of Mrs. E. S. Perry, who ran a restaurant on Ann st, were thrown out of doors Monday morning by Deputy-Sheriff Leonard. The cause of the eviction was the jionpayment of rent. A. G. Walker, formerly of this city, a brother-in-law of Mrs. Elisha Jonesand Mrs. J.G.Pattengill, died Friday atSouth Bend. The reinains were brought to this city and on Sunday were interred in Forest Ilill cemetery. k Two new trains will be placed upon the Toledo road about the middle of this month. One of these will leave for the south in the morningYind the other come from the south in the early evening. The-Ann Arbor Commandery Knights Templar will hold an Ascensión Day service on Sunday afternoon next. The Knights -11 march to Forest Hill cemetery, where they decórate the graves of deceased brothers. At the meeting of the board of public works last eyening, T. ,T. Keech was reelected president. The assienments were as follows : Pirstand sixth warde, T. J. Keech second and third, W. H. Mclntyre; fourth and fifth.J.F. Schuh. The Evening Kews says that "Kid Smitb, one of the burglars wliom the Monroe turnkey t-hot, lias been ghipped to Ann Arbor to give the medical boys a chance to fee what sort of stuff desperate crimináis are rnade of." Alderman A. H. Fillmore, who is a nepliew of the late Millanl Fillmore, has recently fallen heir to a part of the ex-president's estatt-, wbicb amounts to between $200,000 nnd $300,000. Tl, e alderman's phare is between $lü,(HiO au' $20,000. The state board of pharmucv was in session at the chemical laboratory, Tueeday afternoon. The memben of the bourd are Jesson, of Munkegon; Varnor, of Detroit; Parkell, of Oworso; Gundnini, of lowa, and Eberbach, of Ann Arbor. "Larry" Kahoe died Sunday morning, of consumption. He was thirty-six years oíd. The funeral, which took place Tuesday morning, at St. Thomas' cliurch, was Iargely attended. Mr. Kahoe was a barber by trade, and as such was well known to the residents of Ann Arbor. The extreme cold weather of Monda}', Tueeday and Wednesday did not affect the fruit erop so inuch as was feared. Dr. W. W. Nichols saya that he is convinced, after careful examination, that bis pear, peach and apple buds have suffered no injury whatever. He expects a larger erop than ever before. The Cook house is now under the personal management of Mre. M. M. Nowlin. N. H. Drake has charge of the office. Considerable papering and carpeting is beirg done. The first floor will be provided witb entirely new furniture. No otherimprovementa will be made at present. The Ann ArborGuitarand Banjo club was organized Friday last. It has at present seven members: Banjo- Mei Gillespie, Charles Allmand and Robert Gerner; euitar- W. S. Gabrielski, John Eisele.'Will Gwinner and Öttmar Lutz. John Eisele is manager, W. S. Gabrielski ireasurer and Mei Gillespie director. The Ladies' Library Assoeiation wish to expresa their thanks to Mre. Mclntyre for the gift af an album to contain the photographs of the founders of the association and also to show their appreciation of the interest and substantial kindnesses of their friends on the occasion of the twenty-Sfth anniversary of their organization. Inspector-General Lothrop looked over Company A yesterday. Thirty men were present at the drill. The inspector found that the manual and foot movements were not up to the standard. At present nothing definite can be said about the proposed re-organization of the company, for Mr. Lothrop must report to the military board before anything can be done. The tollowing liquor dealers in this city paid their tax before last evening: August Herz,' $500; H. Hardinghaus. (brewer) $65; John Goetz, sr., and Son, $500; John Goetz, jr., $500; Fred Besimer, $500; Emil Gol., $300; Walsh & Clancy, $500; W. H. Mclntyre, $.500; Anton Brahm, $300; JohnSchneider.jr., $500; Fred Brown, $500; Martin & Fischer (brewers), $65. Tho Boston Symphony Orchestra, which appeared in University Hnll Tuesday evening, was greeted by an audience of 2,500 people. The music was strictly classical- perhaps more eo than that rendered last year but was evidently appreciated. The members of the orchestra, seventy In number, took supper in Xickel's hall, special arrangementshaving been made for thern. Mary Agnes Cropsey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Cropsey, died Monday afternoon. She had been ill for souae time with la grippe, which finally ran into bowel trouble. She was nearly sixteen years old and possessed an unuBually sweet disposition. The funeral took place yesterday morning at St. Thomas' church and was largely atterded. The sophomore class of the high school was present in a body. About 400 pastors and laymen from all parts of the state are expected to attend the state convention of Congregational churches, which will be held with the Congregational church in this city, May 19-22. President Angelí, chairman of the executive committee of the chnrch, informad us that owing to the inability of the members of the church and society to provide in their homes accommodations for so many, they will be very grateful to any of our citizens, who will kindly receive come of the visitors as guests. Lizzie Alger, a girl of about fifteen, presented a check at A. L. Noble's store, Saturday night, ostensibly signed by David Rinsey. The head clerk, Mr. Lindenschmidt, mistrusted something and, upon presenting the check to Mr. Rinsey found that it was a forgery. The girl was arrested. On her person were found three other checks amounting in all to $100. She appeared before Justice Butts, Monday, and was released upon giving security for her appearance before the court next Tuesday. Th girl is the daughter of estimable parents living in the fifth ward, but hae been regarded as iather wild by those who knew her. The annual report of Chief Sipley, of the lire depaitment, which was presented Monday, fchoweJ fome nteresting dicta. Tlie number of íire alarma during 1890 was 41; firesdestroying property, 19; ebimney fiies, 14; rubbisli, o, bnn tires, 2; outside city, 1. The value of jiroperty destrcyed was SI ,844.74, cDvcred by $l,0.'3o.74 insuraiuv. The value of the deparunent iroperty was $18,000. The expenses daring th pst yen irere $5,283.61 and the receiptc, 1659.


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