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The boy may live to be 80, but the poor horse for want of a blanket in the stable has to die at 20. FREE-Get from your dealer free, the SÁ Book. It has handsomc pictures and valuable information about horses. Two or three dollars for a sa Horse Blanket will ruake your horse worth mor and eat less to keep warm. 5A Five Mile 5A Boss Stable Ask for 5A Electric 5A Extra Test 80 other styles at prices to suit everybody. If you can't get them from your dealer, write us. Pa BI X. & . '. ■ ' ■ . . ■ ■ ' . ■ il II sii WH t 1)1 l.;-"i IA. (riOOlill'S HOOti ÍWÜ COMPOUND 1 in nlri:lls' !' " '-ton Koot, Tansy and Ly O Peooyroyal :i ivcant discovery by an mnntldu-S-afi:. Eiïectual. Price $1, by mail, sealed. Laliis, uk jronr drasetet for Cook's Cotton Koot Corapound and tako no substituto, or inclose 3 stampa for sealed partlonlars. Address POND I.ILY tüMPANY, No. 3 Fiiher Blook, 131 Woodward ave., Detroit, Mlcii. Gi Mitchell'sKidneyPias!: ■'---Absorb all in thi' Ki' f f restore them to a hcalthy oonü ' k cronG tiduey :-a r PLASTEE . Sold byPniiBff ti f w j wtardj "f sent ' jrra NovIv )']it.-r Voikn, 1 ttVTSlli "-' II YOU WISH To Advertise Anything Anywhere ATAny time WRITE TO Geo. P. Rowell & Ca No. 10 Spruce Stree NEW YORK. IHÍaT SCOTT'S SgSS" EMULSIÓN co8SSris CURCO Wasting Diseases Wonderful Flesh Producer. Many have gained one pound per day by its use. Scott's Emulsión is not a secret remedy. It contains the stimulating proporties of the Hypophosphites and pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, the potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all üruggists. BCOTT & BO WN E. Chomlsts. N.Y. , No more ;4-: 3Ék ot thisl - Rubtwr Shofis nnlrMf rnvu unoomfortably Ught, narat -y slip ott tiie t--i THE -COLCHESTFIl RL'BBEB CO. matte ail thelr Hhof ith Instdtf of hce! llned wlth ruOber. Thts clines to UW tbou und prfveuts the ruhbc-r oui silpping üiT CaJl for the coicheswr "ADHESIVE COUNTERS." FOR SALE BY Wm. Allaby, John Rnric, oly Flnr, I ernner, W. Belmbnrdt A Co., A. D. Seyler Son. ANK ARBOR.


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