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A Perfected Water Motor

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C. E. De Puy, a gradĂșate thia year in mechanical engineering, has perfected a water motor for experimental purposes which is quite a novelty. It is adapted to all kinds of buckets, which can be attached to the wheel in any number and at any angle. The noizle can be adjusted in any, direction the operator cnooses. Water for the wheel is supplied from a tank which is connected with a pump. This is so arranged as to give any pressure that may be desired. At the side of the motor is a spring balance which acts as a brake and measures the power. Under the motor stands a tank into which the water may be discharged if the operator so desires. Thus the weight of water passing through at any given time is determined. The motor, which stands in the engineering laboratory, is well worth inspection. Races of the Michigan Trotting and Pacing Circuit wil) be held at Stockbridge, July 29, 30 and 31. The purses amount to $2,000. Entries cloee July 20.


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