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The numbers of the The Living Age for the weeks ending May 23d and 30th contain The New Papyri, Quarterly; Talleyrand's Memoirs, Nineteenth Century ; Amours deVoyage, and A Celebrated French Woman, Fortniglitly; A Learned Lady, Elizabeth Carter, Blackwood; On Quiet Rivers in Ceylon, and Grasse: lts Perfumes and Pictures, Cornhil! ; Henry Schliemann, and A Study of Nelson, Macmillan's; The Bard of Olney, Temple Bar; An April Folly, Argosy; The Bee and the Wasp, Standard; with the conclusión of " Eight Days," and poetry. The Overland Monthly announces for its forthcoming - Jane- issue a memorial paper upon Dr. John Le Conte's life in California, by acting President Martin Kellogg, the only person besides his brother who bas been his colleague during the whole of that period of over twenty years; together with a paper upon iiis place and nierit in the history of his science, and hie distinctivequali. ties as a physicist, by Prof. Slate, his immediate colleague for some years in the department of physics in the University of California.- Overland Pub. Co., San Francisco, Cal. The Magazine of American llütory closes its twenty-fifth volume with an admirable June issue. The picture of Columbus with which it opens is said to be one of the best and most authentic likenessea of the great navigator extant. The first article of the number, uniquely illustrated, touches a colossal theme in the happiest and mostinformng manner; it is entitled, "Glimpses of the Eailroad in History," and one need only add that it is by the gifted editor of the magazine to insure it a warm and appreciative welcome. The minor departments are all crowded with important data. This popular magazine adds conBtantly to our permanent literature, and is always in close sympathy with current affairs. Price. $5.00 a year. - Published at 743 Broadway, New York, X. Y. The June issue of The Edectic contains its usual quantum of attractive articles. " Talleyrand's Memoirs," which have excited great interest, are ably discussed by Lord Acton. Mr. F. W. H. Myers, well known as a student of psychology, is the contributor of a paper on "Science and a Future Life," and Mr. Edmund Gosse treats of the effects of democratie institutions on letters. Mr. V. G. Hamerton discusses the foundation of ethics in "A Basis of Positivo Morality" with great acuteness and suggestive force. One of the trenchant papers is by Erastus Wiman, who treats of the relations of Canada and the United States and the ''Barbed Wire Fence" recently erected between them. Mrs. Eliza Priestley has something of interest to say on "The Eealm of the Microbe," one of the great questions of modern science.


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