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Real Estate Transfers

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lathcvr Schalble to Frert Zekert, VA acres off s e corner, w % e i ê e lí 6ec. 2, Freedom Í 150 . A. Folhemus to Bertha Fortwain, lot 6, Grand View subd.. Ann Arbor 145 C. J. Zahn to J. G. Zahn, w!iï)i!j' V, sec. 29. Lodi : 225 O. B Hall to W. V. NIchole, lot 10, O. B. Halls sabd., Ann Arbor 1,000 G. F. 8tein to Agalha Maulbetch, part of lot 4 block 1 s of Iluron-st range 5 e, Ann Arbor 6,000 l. G. Binder to G.M. i-chwartz, loti 18 and 19, Jewett's add, Ann Arbor 600 Thos. Ninde to Mary f;. N. Cane. properly at s w corner of Kiver-st and Ninde st, Ypsilanti 1,800 I. T. Morton to Win. lüggs. Iota 43 and 44, Ten Brook'e add, Ann Arbor 350 F. C. Welen to Charlotte A. Colé, part of n w l c;t3, Ann Arbor 200 . F. and M. L. Noble to Julia WeiDberg, lot 5, Spoor & Tuompson's add, Ann Arbor.... 1,075 ohn Pfisterer lo G. and M. Walker, lot on Liberty-st, block 3 s of range 3 e, Ann Arbor 2,600 . A. Polhemus to M. f. Clements. lots 2, 3 and 5, Grand View suUd., Amt Arlior 575 L. L. Boyne et al to Kozana Kibbie, lot W, Cross & Bagley's add, Ypsilanti. 725 . A. Polhemus to E. P. Clark, loT 51, Grand View subd., Ann Arbor 145 . A. l'ulhemus to Clark and ytaflbrd, lots 64 and 65, Uraud View subd. Aun Arbor 121 Amanda 8. Buck to F. C. Owen, lot 10 of s e ! ; Bec, 5, Ypsilanti 6,000 Vm. Neebling to J. E. Blinn, lot 9, block 11, Manchester 600 ohn C. Goodrich to Walter Hewltt, lot 147, Park Kidge subd., Ypsilauti 34 QUIT CI.AIMS. Agatha Maulbeh to Jno. Maulbetch, part of lot 4 block Is of Huron st rauge 5 e, Ann Arbor 1 A. C. Weich to L. E. Sparks, lot 16, b'.ock 6, Chelsea 7Í0 ohn Gilbert to E. B. Allen, lot 42, and part of lot 64, Gilbert's subd., Hunters add, Ypsilanti 1