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HAMILTON'S INSUEANCE, Real Estáte AND Loan ügency. No. 2, Hamilton Block, FIKST Fi.OOR. Partles desiriugto buyorscll Real EstaU wU flnd it to thelr advantage to cali on me. ] ref resent ten First-Class Fire Insurance Cos. Eates I.ow. Loatei Promptly Adjustcd and Promptly raid. I also Issue LlFi: INSURANCE POLICIES in the Connectlcut Mutual Lii'e Co. Ond Hundred Lots iu Hamilton Park AddtÜon sale. Office Horp.s- S a. m. to 12 m„ and 2 to 5 p. m. A. W. inniin. ifHAf tf-flTTS CONSUMPTION "UI ' SCROFULA EMULSIÓN !SSSris PIIDCC COLDS uUriCO Wasting Siseases Wonderful Flesh Producer. Many have gained one pound per day by its use. Scott's Emulsión is not a secret remedy. It contains the stimulating properties of the Hypophosphites and pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, the potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all Bruggists. ■ 8COTT & BOWNE, Chemlsts.N.Y. ■PnkBETTON'S.: EÉJ a positive Êrrtétlkk, CURE FOR SIMPLE, SZJAk PER5" EFFECT1VE. TTJFm. 80X. WONDERFUL. WW Hlghest TESTIMOIHIALSvfcj , At Dramrlsta or ïïailti on ILjWj g Ueceiptcf Trice WvB Drug Co. rrci. Baltimore. Mtl. RH UkHI m B ■■■■■■ r'h" Orcut Gormnn Kurr ALIHc sÜirS64ü ronns of boaiiacho. Peoplo who bato piitfered. saj itieaGod'sbleesinK BAD to mankiud. PloasRnt to uso. No bad ■ WI efiectfl. Curoccrtain and qnick. For salo by druïelstu, or by mail 25 acts, ilirHEADACHE pENSIONS.0llSS5' I Lost Discharges Quickly Duplicated. !8Years EXAM1NER U. S. Pension BurëaüT D. I. MURPHY, S P.O. Box 534. Washington, D.C. „Jl KW EJilRCD FIIOM Ml BS BBLi V--iHas Patent Return Flue Boiler; Wroüghl Iron and S!eel Wheefs, wilh the Springs be twecn the bcarings oi the Hub; U-incii Siecl lïre; Cushinned Gear and all Latest Improvcments. 8. 12 and 16 H. P. Ask lor Catalogue, Frae. , tTThreshers of all sizes. TKE HUBER M'F'G CO., Marión, OMo S-ieths c ) the Separation &t Oylinder. No nylng griu. Se Beverse Beater in outs. Onlyonobelt. R. SHETTLKR, General Agent, Grand Kapids, Mlch. ROBERT HDNTEN, 4:!inS Agent, Ann Abbor, Mich. 'i"5i IC n L DCD " on nle ln l'hiis)ptphi I ÜÜS rCLÜJtlslim-AKency of M.-ssrs N. W.AYER4 8ON.ourauüiurLtdiuiBuU OOLD MEDAL, PAEIS, lütü. Ï. Baker & Cc. tBreakfasi Cocí from which the exct'ss ' oil lias lx;ea removed, la Absolutely Ptit'e and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation". It hx more than three times the strength oi Cocoa mixed with Starcli, Arrow; or Sugar, and is therefore far m cconomical, costing less than one c a ciqi. It is delicious, Donrishil strengthening, easily digested, and admiralily adapted for invalids as wcll as for persons in health. Sold by Crocers cvorywhern. W. BAKER & CO., Oorchsstsr, Mm,


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