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Thiswasthetext ofasermonpreach ed last Sunday by Eev. Henry ïatlock, of St. Andrews' church. Two truths, said he, have come to be recognized by modern Christians. One is that the greatest resulta can be obtained by allowing each individual the greatest possible liberty of thought and action, and the other is that by united effort oaly can the world be conquered. The truly catholic br universal church recognizes these facts. A sect is different. Thisis a body of men all of whom ave supposed to think exactly alike. But men grow and opinions change. As a consequence the religious world is in constant turmoil. The difficulty is that this system does not allow growth- does not recognize the fact that truth may grow in the sense of being more fully understood. The true catholic principie allows different views by different men in the church. If we glance at the gospels we find that even the sacred writerslooked at theNtruth differently. " The principie .upon whictí they rested was the divine command, "Follow me." In the early history of the church the same principie prevails. The first Christians united upon a very simple statement of facts regarding the life, character and worth ofChrist. It was under such circumstances that Christianity conquered the world. In these latter days the tendency is beconiing stronger and etronger, to revert to these old standards. The catholic church will soon include all who follow the same Master.


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