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The Christian Endeavor societies at their recent conference decided that theatre-going and dancing are sinful. The world will decide that such narrow mindedness is still more binful. '1 Colorado via liurllUKto Route- Only One SIkIH on Ilie Koad. Leave Chicago at 1 p. m., or St. Louis at 8:25 a. m., and arrive Denver 6:15 p. m. the next day. Through Sleepers, Chair Cars, and Dining Cars. All Railways from the East (jonneet with these trains and with similar trains via Burlington Route to Denver, leaving Chicago at 6:10 p. m., St. Louis at 8:15 p. m., and Peoria at 3:20 p. m. and 8 p. m. All trains daily Tourist tickets are now on sale, and can be had of ticket agerits of all road and at Burlington Route depots in Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis. There is no better place than Colorado for those seeking rest and pleasure. 77 Lndies Try Great French Remedy. Dr. Le Duc's Periodical Pilis from Paris, F ranee, act only upon the generative organs in fe males, and positively cure suppression of the mensus (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. Established in Europe, 1839; p:ngland, 1850. Canada, 1878; United States, 1887. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite rnenstruatation, or money refunded. The larger portion of the ills to which ladies are subject is the direct result of a disordered and irregular rnenstruatation. The American Pili Co., proprietors. Price, $2. Sold by Eberbach & Son, druggists, Ann Arbor. Mich. 0 '1 rut Ii in an Epigrrani Major McKinley prefers the foreign product for taxation and the home product for consumption. McKinley has a way of stating a great truth in a yery few words - Chicago ínter Ocean. Kor Over Filty Years Mrs. Winslow'sSoothing Syrup has been used for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gurns, aüays II pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy forDiarrhoca. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Sold by all druggists throughout the world. 0 A Muili'l Ititilnay. The Burlington Route, C , B. & Q. R. R., operates 7,000 miles of road, with termini in Chicago, St. Louis, St. Pau), Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. For speed, Fafety, comfort, equipment, track and efficiënt service i', has no eqnal. The Burlington gaine new patrón?, bnt loses none. 0 To 'I'lie Pnciflc t'onsl. Go to California via the through lines of the Burlington Route, from Chicago or St. Louis to Decver, and thence over the new broad gauge, through car lines oi the Denver and Rio Grande or Colcrado Midland Railways, via Leadville, Gleiiwood Springs and Salt Lake, - through interesting cities and unsurpassed soenery. Dining cars all the way. 0 Sen Equlpmciit on the Wabasli. The Wabash Railroad has just placed on its day traius between Chicago and St. Louis a line of elegant new Wagner buffet parlor cars. These cars make direct eonnectionatSt. Louis with through sleepers for Hot Springs and the Southwest. The night trains on the Wabash running between Chicago and St. Louis have long had the distinction of being the finest in the West, their compartment sleepers being especially popular. ThiR new departure brings their day traius up to the same standard. 51tf MProf. i. KUBERTS alvëa mum For BeuutifvinïjUic Complexión. "imhovpm bJI I - Sunburn Pimples, Liv r M iles, and otherinr,1 ri ■■ l.nt '"■ ' 7 11 blemish .u'.'t pormaneDtgy renterms tbo r. pixion to itsoriirin ■! 35t, or sent poetp i' i i 'e. Prof. I. ROBERT. rfLEDO, okio. CARTEKSl CURE Blek Bcadacha and relieve all tho troubles ÍHCÍ clent to a bilious state of tho system, suoh a9 Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress after catiiig, Fain in tbo Sido, kc. Wliilo their moaó romarkabio eucecaa haa been sho wa ia curiDg j Í sicic Heaöacbe, yet Carter'a Littlo Livcr Pilla ara cqually valuablo ia Conetipation, curing and pro onting thisannoyingcomplaint,whilotbeyalso correct all disorders of tbostomach.stimulatotha Shver and regúlate the bü weid. Even ii tüey galy HEAD Acbetbey wouldbo almostpricolcBs to those w&O Buficr f roin tiiis distresaing coniplaint; but f ortu Hately their goodness does notend hero.and thosa t?ho once trythem will ünd theao littlo pilla valu ableineomany waya thnX they will not be wil ling to do without them. But af tor aUsick head ACHE Is the liane of bo many livea that here Is wheft tremakeour great boast. Our pilla cure itwhila Oibers do not. Carter'a Littlo Livcr Pilla aro very small and very easy to take. One or two pilla make a tlose. They are stHctly vegetable ind do not gripe or pnrge, but by their gentío action please all wha ueethem. Iu vialaat'JSccnta: iiveforfl. Öoid by öruggUts overy wlioro, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York; SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICt


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