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The Boys In Blue

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Twi:xTV-rrrTii wmyi: ■ r.v. Detroit, Mich., July 21 ceeutive comraittee oí the Grand Army of the RepübUc reunión ;it its sesaion Monday aftcra tiefollowin# as the programme dui 1 1 vet eucampi ien1 : Mondaj . .'.'!;_■,]- 1 a Tuea . En., jrrand parade of Grand .' as of ceptioB and greeting to Commander in Ch and members of the Grand Aimv. Sons ni Veterans and the Womcu's Re ii I Corps at the Detroit rink; 9 r. m. . rei ■ Camp Sherman to the commander ín ebleí of the G. A. K. and veterans. Wednesday, August 5 - 10:30 a. m., twentyfifth annual session of the ndtional encampment of the grand army at Beecher's hall : 10: 30 a. ra. uinth unnuul convention of the Woman's Kelief Corps at the Church of Ourí"ather; all doy, reunions oi the veterans ut the varioua halls, school building and offices by reyimental and brigad; organizationn. Kvoning- Grand naval and pyrotechnical display, closing with the flreworlts spectacle of "Perrjs Viotory." Campfires ut the rink, at tho expoaltlon building and at the Central Methodist church. Thursday - lü:30 a. m., adjourned session of the twenty-fifth annual encampment of the grand army at the rink. 10:30 u. m., adjourned session of the ninth annual convention of the Women's Relief Corps at tho Church of Our Father. All day, regimental ind brigade reunions. Evening. banquet at the rink to the oflicers ;ii:'l drlcates to the natlonal enoampment, camp ñres at Camp Bberman und at the churches. Friday - General pleasure seeking, riding about tho city, excursions to various river and lake reMrts. etc, at will of gnesta. Invitations to war góvernors, ox-presidents of the United States, to the president and liis cabinet, tt the general in comraand of the United States army and to all noted livinf? generala of tho union array have been extended, and, in most instances, have been aeeepted. The deeoration of the city oí Detroit during the reunión will be something1 remarkable both in extent and quality, as all citizens have jfone into the affair with a spontaneity and patriotic fervor unexcelled, as though determined to make the silver encampment the banner event in the history of the rand army.


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