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Hoke's Freedom Was Brief

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Joliet, 111., Aug. 15. - J. Finley Hoke, the forraer cashier of the Merchants' national bank of PeorĂ­a, was released from the penitntiary Friday. He robbed the bank of 9182,000 and escaped to Canada, but was captured and sent to the penitentiary for five years, of which he has served three years and four months. He has been bookkeepeffor the prison, and by good behavior gained one year and eight months. As he was leavingr the front door of the prison at 4:30 o'clock, having bidden the officers good-by, he was met by Doputy Sheriff Thomas P. Haughton, of Joliet, and Cyrus L. Berry, sheriff of Peoria, who arrested him on account of embezzlement. He was taken to Peoria on the midnight train over the Koek Island road. Hoke was seen in the county jailwhere he was waiting for the train. He was completely prostrated and wept continually. He says that this proceeding is a, persecution. and as he has nineteen more indiotraents to answer, his chance to spend the remainder of his life behind the ban is g-ood.


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