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Real Estate Transfers

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The real estáte transfers for the week ending August 17, were as folio ws : W. A. Bennett to A. R. Beal, loü 1 aad 2. Dexter ... 50 Upson & Gridley to A.D. Salsbury, part of lot 2 block 6, R. S. Sinith's sec. add, Ann Arbor „ 800 B. F. Beekman to Klizabeth De Kemur, lot 25 and w i lot 26, Stuck's add, Ypsilanti... 1,900 Susati A. Grauger to R. and M. Granger, part of lot 3 and 4, block 1 s of Huron-st, range 2 e. Ann Arbor 300 E. B. Hall, et al to A. W. Wilson, lots 5 and 6 block 6, Smlth'B 2nd add, Ann Arbor 2,000 J. C. Goodrich to M. M. Doud, lot 479, Park Ridge Bubd, Ypsilanti 41 Martna A. Smith to M. Slusser, lot on Pontiacst, Ann Arbor 3,600 J. A. Garagbty lo E. M. Childs, lot 36, Park Rldge subd. Ypsilanti 50 M. S. Hall to A. J. Springstead, part of lots 25 and 26, Stuck's add, Ypsllautl 185 E. A. Gott to W. D. Uaiucs, lot 6, Spring Hill add, Ann Artor 250 H. Hitchcock to C H. Kelscy, lot 18, Wilson & Warner's add, Mllan 125 F. L. BoBtwick to W. H. Guerln, part of lots 533 and 534. Norrls, Follett, Joslin & Skinner1 add Ypsilanti 2,400 J. A. Polhemus to Philip Duffy, lotóu.Grand View subd, Ann Arbor 145 H. L. Brown to M. H. J. and L. Lelgbton, part of lot 300, Norrts & Cross' add, Ypsifanti - 100 Ellen Pratt to Jno. Oliver, part oí w 4 w )Á s e i sec R6, Augusta 800 8. S. Cowles, by ex., to C. & T. Ballsaus, Nortbfleld 1,000 Geo. and W. J. Millet to Caroline Wei ks, Ann Arbr 80 S. L. Ramsdell to T. & A. A. R. R .Northfleld 1 QUIT CLAIM& A.F. JenkstoC. D. Jenks, t]4 s w !4 and partw Ksw sec.2, Lima 4.500 DinaPosey to U. C. Goodspeed, lot 8, LlcCormick'i plat, Ypsilanti 25 Wood & Davis to M. II.. J. nd L. Leigbton, lot 300, Norrls S Crias' add, Ypsilanti 20 W. M, White to A. B and A. F. Prescolt, lots 4, 5, 18, 19 and 20, block 1, Hlll's add, Ann Arbor 1 IdaB. Winchell to J. F. L. Winchell, lots 6. 7. 8, 9, 10 and 11. bljck 3 s range 11 e, Ann Arbor 1 Jennle C. Sylvester to J. K. L. Winchell, lots 7, 8, 9. 10, 6 aad 11, block 2 8 of buron-et, range IL e, Ann Arbor 1