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Deer Park and Oabland. To those contemplating a trip to the mountains in search of health or pleasure, Deer Park, on the dome of the Alleghany Mountains, 3,000 feet above the sea level, offers such varied attractions as a delightful atmosphere during both day and night, pure water, smooth, winding roads through the mountains and valley8, and the moBt picturesque scenery in the Alleghany range. The hotel is equipped with such adjuncts conducive to the entertainment, plearure and comfort of its guests as Turkish and Russian baths, swimming pools for both ladies and gentlemen, billiard rooms, superbly furnished parlón, and rooms single or in suite, all facilities for dancing, an unexcelled cuisine and a superior service. The surrounding grounds as wel] as the hotel are lighted with electricity, have cosy and shady nooks, meandering walks, lawn tennis courtsand grassy play grounds for children within full view of the invitine verandas. Six miles distant on the Eame mountain summit is Oakland, the twin resort of Deer Park,and equally as well equipped for the entertainment and accommodati ods of its guests. Both hotels are upon the main line of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, have the adyantage of its splendid Vestibuled Limited Express trains between the East and West, and are, therefore, readily accessiole from all parts of the country. Tickets good for return passage until October 31st, are on sale at greatly reduced rates at all principal ticket offices througliout the country. Tickets reading from St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Chicago and any point on B. & O. system are good to stop ofl' at either Deer Park or Oakland, and can be extended by agent at either resort if deposited with him for safe keeping. For full information as to rates, rooms etc, address George D. DeShields, Manager, Deer Park or Oakland, Garrett County, Maryland. 69 Soine ortbe Gold Tbat Went AbroiulOur merchandise exports for the year endingjune 30 1891, were f884,425,405, and our importa were $844,905,491, a total of $1,729,330,896. Of this large amount foreign vessels freighted about $1,500,000,000, and earned probably $100,000,000 of American gold to salt away in foreign countries. i;s and Ears havo we that we may see and hear; brains, that we may reason and understand; so there's little excuse for much of the suffering that is tolerated. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is fast becoming the ene recognized remedy for all diseases resulting from thin, impure and impoverished blood. Indigestión and dyspepsia, scrofulous affections, liver and kidney diseases, sores and swellings, catarrh and consumption, are blood affections. With purilied, rich and vitalized biood, they flee like darkness before the light ! Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is the only guaranteed blood-purifier and liver invigorator. Sold on trial! Money promptly returned, if it doesn't benefit or cure. He is a Benedict .%■ She - I suppose now that you have graduatedyou arean "A.B.,"aren'tyou, Mr. Crimson? He- Well, to teil you the truth, Miss Annex, I- um- would prefer leavingoffthe 'ÍB," and I thought - ahem- you, perhaps, could help me getrid of it." New Eqnlpment on the Wabasb. The Wabash Railroad has just placed on its day trains between Chicago and St. Louis a line of elegant new Wagner buffet parlor cars. These cara make direct connection at St. Louis with througb, sleepers for Hot Springs and the Southwest. The night trains on the Wabash running between Chicago and St. Louis have long had the distinction of being the finest in the West, their compartment sleepers being especially popular. Thiu new departure brings their day trains up to the same standard. 51tf Hls Inference. "I teil you frankly," eaid the young lady to the young journalist, "that y our company is agreeable to me, but I am su re mypapawillnotpermitmetoreceiveany attentions from you, for he is awfully down on the newspapers." "He is down on the newspapers, is he?" said the young journalist, smillng. "What scrape has he been in?" Look at il i m ! A year ago he was not expected to live. Liver complaint almost killed him. He got great relief from three bottles of Sulphur Bitters, and bíx bottles cured him. - Editor Weekly Sun. 2 It Wou 1I Ne ver Chance. The Ohio third party wants the government to take control of the liqaor bnsiness of the country. There would never be a change of administration, except by death, if the government controlled the saloons. - New York Press. Take Warnlng And doiVt let the germs of that vile dise&se, Catarrh, take root and flourish in your system. Sulphur Bitters will prevent this and will make you strong and healthy.- Editor Weekly Press. 2 Mre. James Brown Potter says she "is wedded toart." Art is hereby legally advised that ninety days' residence in South Dakota is suffleient to get a divorce.


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