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Setting Him Right

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A rather dense British noblemau, who had letters to the best houses in Boston, and who was the recipieut of mach courtesy, left the Hub after a few weeks' visit, for the inevitable expedition to the Rockies, which every Englishman considera an essential part of an American experience. On his return he again visited Boston and iigiiin bethought himself of calling at a house where he had frequently dined on his former visit. In answer to his ring the old butler, who liad been in the family for many years, carne to the door. "IsMrs. B iui" said my lord. "Oh, sir," exclaimed the faithful old soul with the tears running down his cheeks, "my master is dying!" Lord G , who stuttered a good deal (which rather increased the effect of his fashionable vacuousness), stared at the man an instant as if he did not quite understand hira, and then rojoiiled with dignity, "I- I d-didn't arsk for M-MisU-r B ; I arsked for Mrs. B ."-


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