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Guides At Vesuvius

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A correspondent writes from Valle di Pompei: "The death of the Brazilian journalist in Mount Vesuvius has rather damaged the reputation of the guides, but it is unjust to blame all the guides and their agencies. It is true that some of them are unfit to aecompauy strangers, especially in times of eruption, and even the perinit of the pólice is no security that the excursión will be a safe one. But the chief fault lies with the travelers themselves. The guide who accompanied the Brazilian correspondent has been regularly authorized to conduct viBitors for the last four years, and was considered no inexpert guide. "But, as I have often had occasion to observe, foreign visitors, and especially English young ladies, rekel against the cautions of the guides and often run and jump about on the very edge of danger. It is thereforo difficult when 8ome accident happens to define the responsibility of the guides. They are certainly not to blame if the people they


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