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We are pained to recoid the death of Mrs. Edwin Crane, who has been widely known and loved. Her funeral oocurred last week Monday, Rev. E. P. Goodrich officiating. Our schools have got on a full forcé of steam and are skimming along at a good rate, with Prof. M. A. Whitney oversee things in his own practical and decided manner. This reminds us that the annual school election was quite breezy. All day long three or four great strapping men tore? around with carriages carrying men voters to and from the election room. What for? Just because there was a "woman in the case" - or rather she was on the ticket and no man in his serni-sober senses wants to think of a woman fooling around with school matters. Not much! Her place is at home getting the children mended and washed for school. Well, soon after dinner a number of stylish hacks and carriages filled with ladies began to visit the scène of action and then the God of War not only pranced and upset things but he stormed and tore and compelled peaceably minded men to come and "outvote those blankety blanked women." Of course she was leftoutin the cold, but not so badly but there's hope for another and more successful campaign next year. The state Normal will no longer hide its wealth and valuable papers in the state coal-bin, for it has just received a spie span new safe, doublé barred and doored and ready loaded with dynamite, warranted to blow itself and the whole building sky high on the slightest provocation by midnight marauders.


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