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The machinery of the law has not been put to work too speedily against the fraudulent use of ammonia and alum in Baking Powders. Both health and the pocket of the people are demanding protection. The legislatures of New York, Illinois and Minnesota have taken this matter of adulteration up, and especially that of Baking Powders. It will be in the interest of public health when their sale is made a misdemeanor in every State in the UNION, and the penalties of the law are rigidly enforced. There is no article of human food more wickedly adulterated than that of Baking Powder. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is the only pure cream of tartar powder having a general sale that is free from ammonia, alum or taint of any kind of impurity. It makes the sweetest and lightest bread, biscuit and cake that are perfectly digestible whether hot or cold. It costs more to manufacture Dr. Price's than any other baking powder. It is superior to every otlier known and the standard for forty years. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is reported by all authorities as free from Ammonia, Alum, or any other adulterant. In fact, the purity of this ideal powder has never been questioned.


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