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His Great Chance

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A small a few years ago used to be the terror of his faniily and all his friends, because of his passion for making what they called "rernarks." These remarles were wont to be of the most original and personal character, and one or two of them in an evening were suff.cient to bring panic into the midst of the most b'larious gathering. One day Georgie's mother was going to rnake a cali ujjon some friends. Georgië begged to be allowed to go, too. "No," said Iris raother, "you can't go; }-ou'll make remarles." "No, I won't," pleaded Georgië. And his mother gave up and took him along, after flrst teiling him that there was a very queer oíd gentleman in that house, and that he must promise not to say anything about the oíd gentleman's wig. Georgië promised faithfully, of course. Now, tlris oíd man was remarkable for having a very long white beard and a very glossy and very black wig, which gave him a rather unique, not to say startling, appearance. Georgië kept his word during the eutire cali. Not a word of coinment or criticism about the wig was offered. But just as they rose to leave Georgie's mother saw with terror that the youngster was sidling up to the old gentleman, with his eyes ñxed intently on the top of his head. And before she could reach the child they all heard him say, in a hoarse and confidential whisper, "See here, old man, if you'd put on striped clothes, and go to a diuie museum and be a show, you


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