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Harry Pointer (who has been boarding a month with Farmer Wetherbee)- I'm off for the city tomorrow, and I believe I've got information enough here to run my column all summer. Great place for a keen observer to piek up knowledge, Mr. Wetherbee. Old Mr. Wetherbee- Let's see, you're the agricultural editor of the paper, I believe. Harry Pointer- Xot quite that, but I thiuk I'll have charge of the "Farm and Garden Notes" when I show them what I've picked up. William Wetherbee- I'd kind o' like to hear some o' the things he's set down in his book, wouldn't 5"ou, pa? Old Mr. Wetherbee- W'yes. Read some of 'em off to us, Mr. Pointer. Harry Pointer (producing notebook f rom his inside pocket)- They're niostly in the nature of suggestions and advice which such practical men as you are don't really need. Old Mr. Wetherbee - Oh, good gracious, we don't get too old to learn. Go ahead. Harry Pointer (reading) - "Xow fatten ! your hogs." The column always begins with short, terse scuteuces like that, you ! know. Hen Wetherbee- That's all right. That nin't bad advice. Harry Pointer- "Fat hogs are wintered more economically than spare ones." William Wetherbee - They're what? Harry Pointer - Wintered. Hen Wetherbee - Hemeansbreeders, Bill. Harry Poiuter - Certainly, its only the breeders that require fattening. Old Mr. Wetherbee - Got any more as good as that? Harry Pointer - "Keep all the young pullets." Hen Wetherbee - That's good sense. Poultry's got to be young and thrifty or else there's no money In it. Harry Poiuter- I think so. I've coveted that point in my next note. t rarely pays to keep a pullet after he is r years old." William Wetherbee (after an interval of Bilence) - You have got that point down in good sh ape. What else have you got there, Mr. Pointer? Harry Pointer - "Do not uncover your potatoes until the bugs have left the flelds." Hen Wetherbee - Well, potatoes want a little touch o' September frost, really, before they get mei Ier enough to dig. Harry Pointer- Yes, but I suppose that is too generally known to ueed comment. William Wetherbee - You just want to put down tkiiigs that ain't nerally known, eb? Harry Pointer - As far as pos? 'ile, yes. Old Mr. Wetherbee - I gues u can do it; got any more? Harry Pointer - "If your eggs don't hatch after the proper length of time has elapsed try hem under a different hen." Old Mr. "etherbee (in a reflective tone) - It does beat all how a young, fresh mind let loose on au old farm like this '11 think o' things we never dreamt of, and profit by our mistakes. I've thought of it often in readin these newspaper farm notes, but I never realized it so fully as I do at this minit. See here, Mr. Pointer, you send me the paper and come out in the f all to see how we've pi-'" up an improved. Come in O' when we're thrashin hnckluberrie '% Waite in Detroit Free Press.


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