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Ann Arbor Engine And Boiler Works

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MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN Corliss Engines, Vertical Automatic Engines and Boilers, Saw-Mill and Flour Mili Machlnory, Mili Gearing, Columns and I Beams, Channel Irons, Pulleyi and Shafllng, Tle Poets, Post Anchors, Grate Bars, Ash Pit Doors, Sash Weights, Patents and all klndi of Machinery made to order ; also Pattcrns, Grey Iron and Braji Casting of all kinds. Anything In the iron line made to order. REPAIRS Of ALI. hl Mts A SPBCZALTT. ROBERT HUNTER, Aw-iut for the Iffnber Englne and Thresber, and Víctor Mover Holler. SWam . f F TOt MATE ANY COI NSdatedhefore 1371, I H ■& HH Hk jfl -■ wlth pl&in ittft scnd ui a list. We pay high prices MM m H iBiBiH for humlrciis nf dnlct and kinds. Amone num tttat wc waol I are: ailver dollars dated between 1794 and 1868; -ÉflL;VLHr W iV H_V '' f half ilollam beforel864 ; quarters of all dte ■ H M By H i before 1868; all data twenty-cent piect-s; all útte ■■■M r H dimes bwfore 1869: eilver ffve-rent pieccs before B 1867; fivc-n ut nickel df 1877 and 1883; all date of r FOR AN ailver three-cent pleces ; nickel threo-cent piren M+l, _ _ . before 187O; two-cent pieceibctwccn 1864 and 1873; P ■ Pk K ■Ml all large copper cents, loo imall c-rita with ealci on, BW I ■■ M #■ I il 'o ïfto of K, and 1877: al! half-conts ; fnnsign eoint, WM ■_ MM lal I 1 IU frActional and Cuiifrde.rate currtncy, !■ Kor above we 1 mm 0 IIIl FAT KI A.MOVNT8 over face value. if ia H.MiiiiiiiiiwHHHMMBHMMiiMiJ rcijtiinil condttlOD. Thig is a comparativcly ncw buuinen, mnd by mercly keepinK your cycs open when handling monev, you inay find inaiiy cnins that we waal A liort time iince, ftLyan. Mom., ghoc dealer found a cuin w.-rtli $1100. Kccutúly a SerUchman in an Illinois town onivrno! acom worth $700. Othcrt have done even bctter. The Aw York Worldnys: "Many popjt have become rich by lookinji after cgina wanted liy collectors." The Home Journal taya: "Colkcting eolot i a v.t' profltnble bumness now-a-days, as there aro but few in ÍU Ono Boston broker, Mr. W. K. Skinntr, Ijuvs frmn agctiU alt ovr the country, and payi them bi(i umi for rare coim." C"ins that are vcry hard to find in one section of the country are often casily found in others Largeit buiiZu, liiiFheat pricca. Writc at unce for furthfr p&rtuMilara encloainz stamp for reply, whlch may bt worth bundreda ofdoiiaro, perhapa a fortune to you. w. E, SKINNER, Reliable Coln Broker, 325 Washington St., Boiton, Mass.


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