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Dried Fruit And Vinegar

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For severa] years the fruit works were managed by Allmendinger & Schneider. Their place was taken, in 1890, by a stock company entitled the Ann Arbor Fruit and Vinegar Company. A large four-story addition to the old building was erected and new and better machinery was purchased. The factory now has an evaporating capacity of 525,000 bushels annually All the modern appliances are used, and the machinery for paring, slicing and drying fruit is of the best. The process of evaporating is very interesting and well worth seeing. Equally interesting is the manufacture of vinegar. There are two niammoth hydraulic prtsses for crushing apples, and large tanks, capable of holding 5,000 barrels, for receiving the vinegar. Additions will soon be made which will largely increase this capacity. The side tracks of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan Kailway run by the building and afford good shipping facilities. At the present time about twentyflve persons are employed. The number will be cousiderably increased as the season adyances a little f urther. Ann Arbor is very favorably situated for an enterprise of this kind, lying, as it does, within the center of the richest fruit section in the United States. As good prices are paid for apples and peaches there is reason to believe that fruit-growers will derive all the benefits accruing l'rom an increased demand, while the factory will continue to grow and expand.


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