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NOTES AM (OIIIIÜJiTS. The manufacture offalse teeth for horses is a new industry just opened ín Paris with a capital of L',UUÜ,000 francs. I liave been a great sufferer froni dry catarrh for many years, and I tried man y remedies, but none did me so much benefit as Ely's Cream Balm. It completely cnred me. - M. J. Lally, 39 Woodward-ave, Boston, Highlands, Mass. 2 The product of gold in the United States the last sixteen years has aggregated the enormous sum of $072,900,000. I think Ely's Cream Balm is the best remedy for Catarrh I ever saw. I never look anything that rulieved me so qiiickly, and I have not feit so well for a long time. I used to be troubled with severe headaches two or three times a week. - J. A. Alcorn, Ag't U. P. E. R. Co., Eaton, Colo. 2 The Pacific Ocean was discovered by Vasco Nunez de Balboa uu September 29, 1513. You cannot help believing in the virtue of Hibbard's Herb Extract, the great blood-purifier, il you will read the advertisement showing huw this retnedy cured Mrn. J. Hibbard. See her picture and remember blie gi"es advice free to all who write her. It is sold by all druggists. $1.00 The Valican contains 20S staircases and 1,000 different rooms. ■Must as Uooil," Say sorne dealers who try to sell a substitute preparation when a customer calis for Hood's Sarsaparilla. Do not let any Huch false statements as this induce you tobuy what you do not want. Remember that the only reason for ïnaking it is that a few cents more profit will be made on the substitnte. Insist apon having the best medicine - Hood's Sarsaparilla. It is Peculiar to Itself, Must Comv to It. Customer (with liltle boy) - "Have you good thick colu leather tliat a boy can't wear through in a week?" Cobbler - "'The very best. Do you want me to inake a pair of shoes for your boy?" Customer - "No; I want you to make him a pair of pants." What Wii It, John, That made vont f;iee so free and clear (rom pimples, suid his sweetheart. Why, don't you know, Ea? For ov-ra year I took everything I could think of without helping me, then I boughttwo bottiea of Balpbor Bitters, and now I baven't one pimple, on iny face. It is the best blood-cleanser I ever saw. 2 A tor (rceiiles. First Reporter - How did the Daily Getthere obtain a report of the HigbupTiptop wedding? No reporters were admitted. Second Reporter - They sent a new man there, and he looked so scared that all the attendants mistook him for the groom. To Tbe Pncllie Conat . Go to California via the through lines of the Burlington Route, from Chicago or St. Louis to Decver, and thence over tbe new broad gauge, through car lines of the Denver and Rio Grande or Colorado Midland Railways, via Leadville, Glenwood Springs and Salt Lake, - through interesting cities and unsurpassed scenery. Dining cara all the way. 0


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