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Blazing Forests

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A FEAF.FUL FATE. Cadillac, Mich.,May 22. - Forestfires ranginff in the territory northwest of this city reached Louis Sand's lumber camp near Lake City Saturday and resulted in burning to death eleven men. The ñames of the unfortunates are: Samuel Campbell, John Hill, James Hugh, Hans Jacobson, Michael McCune, Michael Mulholland. M. C. Pagen, Edward Koorbach, Fred Sager, Frank Sangreen, Charles O. Taylor. The men were assembled at dinner and the ïorest fire which was burning all arouud entirely cut off all escape. When they reaüzed their danger they rushed out of the building in which they had been sitting. The smoke bo blinded them that they became bewildered. Thoy ran hither and thither, unable to find a means of escape, and their horses stampeded, owing to the confusión. Eight of the men jumped into a well to escape tlie llames and were cremated there by the timber and curbir.g faüing in on them and burning. Their bodies were brought to the surface Sunday. Samuel Campbell, of this city, foreman of the gang, and Mike McCune were burned to death trying to run the gauntlet of fire. One man reached Lake City terribly burned and there died in fearful agony. Eight teams of horses were cremated. FLED FOR THEIR I.IVES. HoroiiTON, Mich., May 22. - A terrible bush fire has raged in lïallman's Branch, east of Dollar bay. Over 1,000 cords of hard wood, four houses and seven cars of the Hancock & Calumet railroad were destroyed. Over thirty families were forced , to bury their household goods in the ground. Women and children were forced to fight their way over 2 miles to Dollar bay through suffocating heat and smoke. A bout thirty horses were saved. One horse was scorched so badly that he had to be killed. Engineer Shea, with a wood train, was surrounded by fire, but opened his throttle and made a race for life, whilo his brakemen jumped off and escaped through the woods. ■wtscossin surrr.r.. Axtigo, Wis., May 22.- As the result of a forest fire Meed'&sawmill, planingmill, boarding house and thirty orforty residenees in the south part of town were totally destroyed by fire Saturday afternoon. At one time the entire city was threatened. The loss will not exceed $70,000; insurance, unknown. Many families lose everything. Fires are also raging at Rhinelander, Eagle River, Elmhurst, Birnamwood and other towns along the line. Several farmers in this vicinity are heavy losers. The loss in the country will not fall short of $100.000.


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