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Capital Punishment

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The Webster Farmers' Club met S.itnrday, May 13, at the residerce of Mr. Wm. Biil1. Ttie morning foreboded a rainy day, yet later the interinittent mista eleared up. Although farm work s very pressing uow, there was a good attendance. After a good dinner man y looked about the farm and noted wilh pleasure tlie neat and syotematic r.i inient. Mr. Bal] is well known as one of the best breeders m the s'aie, of th.irtliorn eattle and merino gheep. After the inspection the Club K8m I eid in solid session. Miases Biil md Ciaiiüon favored the penple vvith au instrumental duet. Mr Baumgardner offered prayer and niu.sie olluwed. The following question lor dieiiussion was opeued, "Ought death to be thf peiially of murder in :he lirst degret?" Hou. Wm, Ball lud on the nffirmative. fie approach d the qntwiinii with touch rrltifilance, baving heretofore been ia , of lenient laws. Bat one las crybtttllized his opinión in favor of ï punishmenl. The escape of ener reveáis a defect vrhicti mcuhi :a!l the attentioi! of everyone. Iit:aer, ;:niliy f twu crimes and posalbty a tiiiid, has surely forfeited his lift. '■ a beiiffií. to the eommuoity to deetroy ,he life of the offf.ndar. That way is jest if it brint;.s about the greutesl o the greatest number of ■■ i ople. ime is on the incraase bere. K-i rum prion is DOt impossiliif. Bilt u aalty would letsei crinuf. 'riminalü üt'ver expectto be found Ihen it may be that. a death peni would be no terror. Muider in the ; is ofcourse premeditatfd. Auother phase of the question ar h aarder, sach as may uccnr in is or in th Blreets where rol). t. All this muñcuas work vuuld tease with a dtath pon must be some ottier means i ïfe imprisenment. Possibly tbere ii wiek passes luit someone i i killed n tb ia state, most frequeutly in cities. ■na that Uure ií, much reek. mui Swedes whu Jisrr lleuce. all murders eau ■ 1 to i lack pi the rlfHth pena't;-. YeV.h.e aliy on„'i: tobe Miei the urder ol th ings. Mr. Keeva n'ow tojk the fl j r anl ín ifeis nrecfons as we'l as hort. It has gre t iiS,)Onsib 1 AVit ■ f. suite prisou, au . ■■ ■ i:ent. TIn ...- i't ctrry : jn of uid ■ lUz iining joard viped ont tter f ir 10 have ona or wo e ui li 3 nnoi Mr. tier. -,1 shoald ■ e ' talciog the life of any jfitspeople. Ifit takes anylhiug from au individual it shoutd be able to give in equivalent. 1 1 Bpoke ofeducation of crimina as schools o O'.ho i up ii life ligutly. Wc ire now in a traiioitional age. 1 i- a 'op nmrd.-r. Ti r some wbo . Merrill. - l'be Bubjet-t. i,f capital puniahmentis now inurh ajjitiiti-il in state. The fact is, hte isu'mafe. Il is a i. Ired murite in M ou! of the way the b I lunes proof is tive. Kat in Laiiraer's case it ud jury a vote 17 out of 19 werein favor oí capitnl tl!. . absurd to n-p.d fl)eri to coüvicteil i re ure la have pent bouquete to Litim r. Mr. BiP. - Tbere han beenalaxi of disoilii}p. Ia f.:ci en etüttitueut. is d amalea want to go Mtimer by hia Bmoothness a:ul gent:li . , . . ltioe iu chi;i . tiie jdison that lie was given much imerty. There is a greal io.nadaya alout hiitnanitariauittn. Ttie criminal í'ets the benefit of the do S me others joioed in the di A mnjority . na-il to be i the death penalty. , -ii: folio .i cil and I ht Club adjournf-d to meet in Juuv t Wm. Bn ckway's, Tne program as unuotiucHtl was mnsic, el itailiuj; by Miss Ciara Paelps, recitation by Miss M try Backus, m question, "Are faroiers orgauiz b neficial to ü be d'-me to btitauiaiB iheir : viiiï'


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