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The Sanilac Swamp

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The representative from Sanilac County has a great scheme for getting a big swamp in that county drained at the expense of the taxpayers of the whole state and has succeeded in getting his bil' throughthe house. It is now in the Senate where Senator McGinley has attacked the mea.-ure with great heat and vigor. The folio wing poem haa been evolredfromsome mysterious capitoline purlieuaiul wassung with batrachian enthusiasm the other evening after the passage of Kline's Capital Punishment bill, n the houseprobably because its suggestions were' cooling and refreshing after the pro tracted warmth of the debate on that measure. THE BULLFROG'S BE3OLVE. by (LEEicrs. In Black River swamp npon a log, Saailac, my 8ani In solemu Mate sat a'i aged f rog, Saollac. my Sanilae; And thus hc walled his pUntive plea "Whatever wi ] become of me, Wheu drained and dry UiN swamp Fhall be, ranilac. my -auilae? "This swamp hath hoen my lifj-long home Sanilac. my San√ľac; l'm growiDg uld. I cannot roam, Sanilac, mySanllao, My children'i. ohlldren love to sing In thfs old swamp Ip.m enrly sprine Till winter again his U ed lii briii" i-'aiiiluc, my sanilau. "A happy liie we here havoled, sanilac, mySanila, ; iso mortal foe iiat! we to ilread, Sanilac, my sanilac; B'it MolI's appropria'ion bil] ipofjoy wili rudely spill And all my lntle tartpolea ktll, Sanilac. mySanildi. "While Ufe remains iherc still is hope, Sauilac, my Sanilac; No loiigcr htre I 11 idly saniluc. my Saiiilac, I'll hie me to the Senate hall, And 1 Hesunly wi lavert oi:r Dllac, my Ban "And when the tiextcampaign begins, I ai-, my Sanilac. We'll se Chat brave MeQinley wins, Siiiilap. my Sanilac; With tadpole trt ble ani bulltroe hass. We'll make cach swamp resoiind his praise Moll is;; ad to quu the mee, Sanildc, my aniiilac. "And when the glorioui vtetory'd won, Sanilap, my fanilar. By Sanilr.c'x most glfted D, h ilac, my Banllae; Then 'round his temples' board 'pnrvieu' They'll twlne the wreaihs ot' emerald hue, We'il eroak batrac-hian pens, too, Sanila.:, my √°aiiilac"


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