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First Ward - Supervisor, James, Kearns : alderman, Ross Granger ; constable, Wil lis Clarke. Second Ward - Supervisor, Eugene Oesterlin; alderman, D. F. Allmendinger; constable, Paul Schall. Thinl Ward- Supervisor, Robert Shannon: alderman, A. J. Snyder: constable, Jeremiah Walsh. Foitrth Ward - Supervisor, Joseph Donnelly; alderman. H. J. Brown: constable, T. F. Leonard. Fifth Ward- Supervisor, H. Hardinghaus : alderman, Wal ter L. Taylor; constable, Rudolph Kern. si.rüt Ward - Supervisor, Prof. Hemple ; alderman, F. A. Wilson. Uelegates to Democratie 'uiiviilioll. The Democrats held their ward caueuses Saturday evening last. The following delen-ates to thé city convention were elected : First J. F. Schuh, David Zimnennann. S. W. Beakes, James Kearns, V. W. Watts, Martin Clark, J. M. Orr, M. C. Peterson, Emanuel Wagser, IC. B. Pond, H. W. Doug-lass, M. J. O'Brien 'harles Dietas, Albert W. Sorg, George Cropsey, Robert Phillips, B. F. Watts, William B. Kverest, Richard Kearns, ïottlob Luick. SeeonA WarA-S. W. Millard. .John G. Groesmann, Fred Besimer, Gustave Brehm, Walz, George Schwab. Lewis Kurtz, Eugene Oesterlin, Fred Martty, Geo. F. Lutz, M. J. Lehman, P. G. Campbell, Gottlob Knapp, Herman Sehmidt, C'hristian Brenner, John Wal, jr., Clyde Kerr. TTiird Ward- Michael Brenner. V. Clancy, jr., W. G. Snow, J. O. Jenkins, M. J. Martin, John Keenan, Emil Golz, W. H. Mclntyre, Morgan Williams, Frank Campion, John Kyan, J. Frod Stabler, Pat Reed, Martin I'. Vogel, Pat McCabe, John Lucas. Fourth Moses Seabolt. Charles Jwyer, Frank O'llearn, r. W. Beman, Wm. Miller, Arthur Brown, Prof. Patengill, C. R. Whitman, John O'Mara, Ambrose Kearney, Chas. Kline, Pred A. Howlett, Wm. Goodyear, Wm. Walsh. Fiflh W'urd-W. L. Taylor, C. II. Ianly, Ernest Rehbei-g, Frank Ortman, Vmos Corey, James Murray, Herbert Ianly, H. Hardinghaus, all by acclamation. Sixtli Ward - E. B. Norris, M. J. Cavnaug-h, EL Duffy, L. J. Liesemer, J. R. ach, H. T. Morton, N. G. Butts, F. Sae, Jas. Shirley, Benj. Ream. D. A. Uaminontl, (rco. Hempl and T. D. Kearney. 1 l. I TlOllilltK. Some 'expressions f rom a few delegates who attended the Democratie city uonvention last Monday night: 1. I have not a word to say. l shall try to do my duty - as I see it. 2. I don 't know tor whom I shall vote for mayor. As soon as I can gather up the fragmenta and make an inventory I shall decide. 3. It's strang-e the whiskey element in our party can 't give us a decent eandidate when we are in such sore need. I have not yet decided whether to vote for Walker or not. 4. I never wanted to vote a straight Democratie ticket so badly in my life as I do this spring. It is too bad that the leaders in the party could not have given us a chance to do so. 5. I would rather choose my own ticket when it has to conie from the other party. ü. It's an infamous outrage to allow Schuh, Beakes and Norria to dictate to ;he party as they have been doing. We have plenty of good timber in our ovvn aarty. I am disgusted. 7. Pil teil you how I feel, Mr. Editor, [ can 't swallow men put up as Mr. Walcer was. The men who put him up last Monday night would now be bowling about how Walker abused and outrag-ed the masons' union here several veara ago, had Mr. Walker b.y soine hook or erook captured the Republican nomination last Saturday night; but ïow "he is all rig-ht." I am a Democrat and have always heretofore voted the icket straight but- well, this is not a democratie ticket. 8. "I wantto say to you, Mr. Editor, " aid one of the delegates to the Demoratic city convention, as ho hailed us n Ann-st. last Tuesday night, "I am u-lad that the Democrats have started hat lvine rumor about Mr. Patm-onn. the candidato for alderman in the third ward being an A. P. A. There is time enough yet for this report to prove a g-enuine boomerang and strike back at the fellovvs who started it. It issuch a senseless lie that it can be easily controverted. I am disg-usted with such campaig-n methods and they ought to defeat the men who make use of thëm. " 9. I was in favor of Mr. T. A. Bogle or mayor and wanted to vote for him. don 't like the idea of forced to ote for a Republican. Now that we nust choose between two Republicana can see no reason why we should not loose the better of the two.


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