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Two Weeks Of Grace

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Chicago, March 23.- .ludge Chetlam. of the superior court, ïhursday night granted Patrick Eugene Prenderffast, murderer of Mayor Carter H. Harrison, a fourteen days' lease of life, postponing the execution which was to have taken place at noon to-day until Friday, April 6. He aDnounced his decisión shortly before midniírht when, for over three hours, he had been listeninff to evidence introduced in proceedings instituted to iuquire into the assassin's sanity. Judge Chetlain in renderinf? his decisión said: "Tile case as il now stands is thjs: The state is ready to impanel tUe jury; they concede thal riïlit to the defendant, and that miglit only te considered sufflcient grounds to irrant a Klay of proceedings. The court, notwithstandins.', required some evidenco more conclusire Iban he petltlon whioh has been read to the court. to make out a prima iai-ie case, that the defendant had become lnsane after the Judgment had Leen pronouncod and before the sentence was executd. "The questlon is not oue of tlie guilt or o1 the sanliy of the defendant at the time of the oflense; neither had the previous trial any bearlng on the present cane. All that has been passed upon. He wus found sane by a Jury and genteneed. Now this court bas the power to impanel the jury and have tnat issue aettled at once. It is now mldnight of the nlght preceding the exeeution, and it is apparent that suoh trial could not be conchided before the time set for the defendant's execution had arrived. "Therefore this court thinlts that this matter of the present sanity or insanlty of the defendant should be dotermined by a jury. It also holds that It would be inconsistent with humanity and Justice for this court to compel such a trial to be held at this midnight hour. For the foregolng reasons tho court will prolong and extend the time of tho execution of Patrick Eugene Prender?ast unlil Friday, April 6." The proeeeding whicli ended so unexpectedly was the last resort of the attornevs of the condemned man. All day long Gov. Gill at Springfield listened to importunities and read petitions, telegrams and letters asking Mm to reprieve the prisoner. At 10:30 last night he announced his intention of allowing the law to take its course, 6aying that two courts had passed on the case and that he did not think it his duty to interfere with the execution of the sentence of death.


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