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Tor the Least Money. iW ttftfl I JTO ■ MC iiiiiiiiiiáiWEi ■ Li bUUhlAd i#x iH íq um? for A J 8 0 O Orl WE GENTLEMEN. Kp rff vA 5' S4 and 35 Dress Shoe. cl. Ví A f SL S3.5O Pólice Shoe, 3 Soles. íf ï 4íí S $2.60, $2forWorkingmen. lmÊ J " Hfc. $2 and SI. 75 for Boys. ÍE ' Wif'' '"' 5L $3, $2.50 $2, $1.75 ft . CAUTION.- If any dealer Süg?-,, W!W offers you W. L. Donóla Tiir- nm TkJSsg-s, hoeg at a redncd price, W. L. DOUCLAS Shoes are stylish, easy fitting, and give better satisfaction at the prices advertised than any other make. Try one pair and be convinced. The stamping of Wi L. Douglas' name and price on the bottom, which guarantees their value, saves thousands of dollars annually to those who wear them. Dealers who push the sale of W. L. Douglas Shoes gain vastomers, which helps to increase the sales on their full line of goods. They can oüord to scll at a less profit, and we believe you can save.moncy by buying: all yonr fnotwear of the dealrr advertised below. Catalntrue froe apon appUcation. UOÜGLAS, Brockton, Mass. 42 8. Main St.


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