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Real Estate Transfers

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L. Bowles to Sarah A. Hawkins, Ypsilanti $ 70 Manan L. Lawrence et. al., to Sarah A. Hawkins, Ypsilanti 5 Betsey Green to A. C. Green, Pinckney 1,500 Deborah V. Morgan to L. Schleweis, Manchester 400 B. A. Gleasen to H. Kuder, Saline ] J. J. Braun to Kinsley, Lodi . . . 7"0 J. Dayer to A. Pepper, York. . 100 W. H. Rowley to T. and A. McAndrew, Ypsilanti 1,300 F. S. Odds to C. H. Wilson, . York 75 A. and G. and C.Witraore to A. M. Witmore, Ypsilanti 7."0 L. E. Spanks to D. E. Spanks, Chelsea 100 C. Forbes to E. Kwiecinski. Augusta 1 Jas. E. Husbsni to M. E. Coppeck, Ann Arbor 3,300 J. F. Vogle to F. A. Vogle, Freedom 1,200 L. .1. Leisemer to F. Schmid, Ann Arbor 2,000 W. R. Taylor to J. A. Maronev, Lhelsea 1 D. Posey to M. E. McCorkle, " llanti l K. E. Guy to L. H. Guy, York. 900 G. Dalle to G. Mack, Ann Arbor 800 G. W. Inman and wife to Charlotte J. Reed, Pittsfield 1 A. M. Sibley and M. A. Baldwin to John I3ogge, Sylvan. . 500 Charlotte J. Heed to H. T. Barter, Ypsilanti 3,600 M. Pyper to A. S. MoCron, Ann Arbor 1 Ada Z. Treadwell to Kdward Treadwell, Ann Arbor 1 Mui-v Swiok to Nina Kanska, Dexter 1 Lena and Hattie Rivehart to Xina Kanska, De x ter Kil 5Í M. Buk to J. Koch, Ann Arbor 450 .1. Koch to II. G. Koeh, Ann Arbor 800 T. Steward to J. Steward, Lodi 1 F. V. Waldo to Steward, Lodi 1 I. '. (ioodrich and wife to Lennie T. Beadle, Ypsilanti 55